Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Packers Thoughts

Well it's about the halfway point of the season and after the Packers defense really wet the bed against Favre and the Vikings, it's already time to evaluate our playoff changes.
I think the Packers will be a Wild Card team. Would I put money down in Vegas on that? No, not really. We got a tough schedule ahead of us.

Away: Tampa, Detroit (Thanksgiving), Chicago, Pittsburgh, Arizona
Home: Dallas, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle

Yep, not easy. Playing last years Superbowl teams the last two away games. Why can't we get Arizona here in January? I'm thinking we'll know our fate by then. The two games I have circled at the Cowboys and Bears. If we can win these two games we will make the playoffs. But, currently we have the potential of being and 8-8 team. Really. I'm getting less confident as I write this, ha.

Our defense needs to gets some sacks! Hawk needs to play like a top 5 draft pick. Our O-line needs to block, and Rodgers needs to get rid of the ball. Both are causes of our sack problem. Grant needs to be reliable. Finley and Nelson need to come back strong.
Woodson and Harris are sick. Rodgers is almost the man. The second half against the Vikes was the first time I really saw him clicking. Our receivers are the best unit in league. Penalties. Damn.
Ok, I really told you nothing in this post.
Dallas and Chicago, big games, bigger than Favre. I hope we get to play him in the playoffs!

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