Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late Night College B-Ball

Short work week, not too much to do. Why not stay up late and watch the Wisconsin-Arizona basketball game? Tip off was 11:00 central time and despite the Wisconsin win, I wish I would have just went to bed. The was a foul fest, ending 65-61 in s hours and 30 minutes. Due to all the fouls you really couldn't learn anything about Wisconsin. I was hoping to come here and write about their prospects of making the Big Dance for 12 straight seasons, but it's hard to say. Maybe tonight vs Gonzaga will show us something.
A few notes:
- Wisconsin has a couple more big white guys (surprise)in the ilk of Joe Krabbenhoft
- Redshirt Freshman Ryan Evans has a stellar flat-top and is pretty athletic.
- nobody but Hughes can create their own shot, so a lot of our position at the end of the season will be determined by him
- Jason Bohannan pretty much can't do anything but shoot.
- I think Jordan Taylor will be better than Hughes

In the end, I believe Wisconsin will make the NCAA tournament again this year for two reasons.
1. Bo Ryan
2. The Big Ten is strong this year 6 teams in the top 25. This will give Wisconsin plenty of opportunities for a "signature" victory, plus the play Gonzaga and Cincinnati/Maryland in Hawaii and Duke and Marquette at home.

Update - A few more observations after last night's loss to Gonzaga. The Zags won handily.
- I was being to nice to Jason Bohannan yesterday. He just isn't good enough.
- Tim Jarmusz is not good enough to be a starter on this average team. I would go three guards- Hughes, Bohannan, Taylor - with Nankivil and Leuer.
- I said Taylor will be better than Hughes, I forgot to proceed it with "This Year"

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