Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Underrated Actresses

Ok, today's topic is underrated actresses. Am I talking about acting ability? Nope. We are going for attractiveness here. Who is really hot but never gets any cred for it? Who is really hot, but for some reason just dropped off the radar? I'm looking for women who are not on FHM and Maxim's Hot 100 lists.
Here are a few that I came up with. Nobody here is too much of a sleeper. That might be another post, but here are some actresses that should get more love in the sexy category. Sorry in advance to all my female readers, ha if there are any.

Bryce Dallas Howard -Maybe an odd way to start the list, but sometimes I got a thing for the Gingers. And this is the daughter of Ron Howard. This could be proof that anyone can look good with stylists and makeup and a good photographer, but I liked it. I also liked The Village, so maybe I am weird, but unlike some movies she is in, the pale skin isn't too much here.

Claire Danes - Keeping with the Ginger theme here. I saw Shopgirl the other day, liked what I saw, not really the movie, but Claire Danes was nice. I think maybe we remember her as the gawky teenager in My So Called Life, but she has grown up since then.
Hilary Swank - I'm beginning to think this list might just be "Girls I am oddly attracted too" instead of underrated, showing my interesting attraction to some people. I hope not. Anyway, the pictures are nice. Could just be Esquire making her look hot, but there is something about her I like. Also, I think she loses attractiveness just because she is such a good actress. Just like our next person...

Cate Blanchett-
Her most famous roles are an elf, the Queen of England, and a strange Russian archaeologist, but she has a nice beauty to her. I remember her in the Talented Mr. Ripley and thought Ripley should go for her instead of Gweneth Paltrow. Right, but it turns out he was actually after Jude Law. Ha. Anyways, another great actress who is also hot. She does have kind of a weird mouth thing going on though.

Madeline Stowe - This is the one that gave me the idea for this post. Madeline Stowe in The Last of the Mohicans is HOT! Beautiful too- an almost regal beauty, but I was surprised by how sexy she was. I really haven't seen if this holds up in other movies, and I'm pretty sure right now she is getting old, but Madeline Stowe, thanks for the inspiration for the Underrated (hot) actresses post. Watch the Last of the Mohicans and you will not disagree.

Eva Green - This is the one that I am least sure of, not if she is underrated, but if she is hot. The picture is like Damn! and in Casino Royale, Damn!, but I'm still unsure if it isn't just Hollywood making her hot. It might just be that I like her because Casino Royale was great and I saw her naked and deflowered in that other movie. Either way, she made the list.

Jennifer Garner - I like the simplicity and niceness of this picture. I think of her mostly as the Alias character that could kick my ass. That is kinda hot. And she had a lot of sexy outfits in that show. Better than Daredevil.

Ok, one up and coming underrated star - Blake Lively. She isn't totally underrated, but she is definitely one to watch to make some top 10 lists pretty some in the future. Hot! I remember seeing Accepted and instantly getting on the Internet to see who she was. Holla!

And a couple that have fallen off the radar lately, which doesn't mean that they are not still banging hot - Sarah Michelle Geller and Elisha Cuthbert. They really haven't done anything good in the last few years, so people are forgetting about them, but here at Big Dunc Sarah Michelle Geller and Elisha Cuthbert are still getting mad props. I purposefully choose a bad picture for Elisha, bad being a relative term, first because there are a lot of pictures of her which are just too sexy, don't want to get too excited, and second, look how hot she is in that horrible outfit. We could have a months worth of post on her alone. If you don't believe me, check out The Girl Next Door again.

There you go. Lots of nice pics. Let me know your underrated actresses.


Winks said...

Hilary Swank would be cooler if she wasn't the woman carbon copy of Matt Damon.

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