Friday, November 13, 2009

Survivor - Russell

I know I've been ribbed in the past for writing about a single TV episode, but last night's Survivor was too good to pass up. I think it's the most fulfilled I've ever been at a tribal council vote. There have been lots of blind sides over the years, but usually they vote off someone I like.
Russell was originally billed as as this Season's villain- he burned socks!, but now that he is the underdog, an able underdog, so now I like him. I've been liking him slowly more and more each episode. I liked Kelly, she was hot, possibly top 10 Survivor material, but it was tight to see her go, and tighter to see her teammates react. This definitely makes the rest of the season much more interesting. I'd say it was one of my favorite moments since the Cook Islands season where people were allowed to change tribes, and then the people that changed tribes lost. Good stuff.

Also, the Office was pretty damn funny last night. It reminded me obviously of season three when the thought the branch was closing, but I think it was the best episode in a few seasons.
And I know I'm a dork for saying this, but I'm rooting for the Nard Dog getting together with Erin.
Yes, I am a dork.

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