Monday, November 2, 2009


I've come across some good youtube finds at work this week. Now don't worry, I'm not just watching youtube videos all day, I'm mainly using it to listen to music when I get sick of what I got on my MP3 player. I have a pretty nice playlist of songs I don't have so I listen to them at work mostly ever day. Here is my favorite song/video at the moment.

Yep, some Karate Kid Action with Young Hearts by Commuter. Nice 80's song. Unfortunately, I can find very little on Commuter on wikipedia or the internet. Damn commuter trains ans commuter systems. Found this video from the Best Around youtube video which I listen to/ watch at least once a day. Never know when you need to get fired up at work. But, yes, I enjoy the arcade scene, and that is quite a hug at the end. And damn, Elizabeth Shue was hot!

Then this video led to this video, which is unfortunately not a video, but just a good song.

Yep, the Karate Kid is great. Love it. I found the soundtrack on ebay for 1 cent and only three dollars shipping, but for some reason did not pull the trigger. Man.
I've also been watching a lot of LOST Daniel/Charlotte videos and Jack/Kate/Sawyer videos, but that would probably be too gay to post up here.
I did come across some nice youtube comments, one from Nina Simone's I ain't got/I got where she mentions all the things she doesn't have and then all the things she has, like her smile, her brain, her mouth, her speech, her toes. And here is the comment that made me laugh.

"This is not a song for Stephen Hawkings."

Also funny cuz the poster spelled this name wrong.

And this one when listening to Hallelujah videos

"I agree with the statement below. I haven't had a girlfriend in 685 days"
"Love is not a victory march,
it's a cold and broken
More than I thought I would, could, everknow."

Haha, losers.

Update: Damn, the sound doesn't work on these videos. I am an asshole.
Here are the links. Shit.
#1 -
#2 -

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Thorzul said...

Got a good one for you. Weird you mentioned Nina Simone, I've been hooked on this song of hers recently. Actually it's a remix by an artist named Wax Tailor. He took "Feeling Good" and added a cool beat to it, plus some interesting dialogue samples at the end.