Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monsters of the Gridiron

Well, my guess the Packer post didn't go too well. We got one guess of George Koonce and that was it. The secret answer was ............ Sean Jones!
Exciting, I know.
But, that was meant to be a segue into my Halloween post.
Sean Jones - the Ghost
Anyone remember the Monsters of the Gridiron campaign back in 1994? Pretty much Coca-Cola dressed one NFL star (average player) from each team in a ridiculous Halloween Costume. I don't really know the reasoning behind it, but as a 10 year old, it was pretty cool.
Here is Sean Jones - Ghost

I remember being disappointed that the Packer's choice was kind of unexciting/average, especially when you look at all the other crazy players, but in retrospect it is one of the cooler ones, holding up over the years.
Definitely take the time to check out the larger versions of theses pictures. We got some real winners here. Tom Rathman is just called "Psycho". Neil O'Donnell is the "Night Raider" even though he players for the Steelers. Lame. Jumbo Elliot is just "Jumbo" and Ronnie Lott is some kind of snake. Randell Cunningham is pretty cool.
We got a lot of real winners here. Gotta start with the Panther and Jaguar. Very nice, oddly anthropomorphic, but not really. Derrick Thomas as Attack Cat makes me not like him as much. Man. Pat Swilling "Chillin" is pretty nice, especially for 1994. Marshall Faulk is tight too. Shane Conlon and Eric Swann (whoever that is) pretty much don't deserve comments. Dan Wilkinson as "Big Daddy", wow, just wow. Jesse Tuggle and Ray Childress pretty nice too.

There you go. Have a nice Halloween. Enjoy eating candy. If you want some scary stuff, checking out my other tagged Halloween posts


Thorzul said...

Great stuff! Some of these are rather elaborate for just one photo. Did they make Eric Turner or Emmitt Smith sit in a makeup chair for six hours like a Hobbit for the shoot?

And the Derrick Thomas as "Attack Cat"... all I can say is "WOW." If I lived in Kansas City, that would be my Halloween costume year in-year out.

Anonymous said...

I recall these scary Halloween NFL football cards with NFL players looking like scary creatures.