Monday, September 29, 2008


We did! The Brewers made the playoffs! I don't believe it. The first time in my life. Seriously, all I need now to die a happy man is to get married. Really.
26 years!

It's been a great 24 hours, especially after Saturday was so rough for Wisconsin sports. But we did it.
I still can't believe it. I really, really wish I was in Milwaukee yesterday. It looked pretty awesome from what I saw. Seriously, some of my earliest memories come from the bleachers of county Stadium drinking Kool-Aid from a big jug, eating peanuts, hearing my father yell with Bbob Uecker on the radio, even mustering up 55 cents to buy a pack of tops baseball cards looking to get Rob Deer or Glenn Braggs.
Seeing Ryan Braun jump for joy and high 5 everyone in site, CC gettting hype for the final out, and all the fans going crazy will stick with me for some time. The video below is simple, but great.

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