Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1 game back with 1 week left

One game back with we week left. We still got a strong chance. We can do it. And for the record, as my previous Brewers posts show, I have never given up hope. BIG WEEK!

And just for the record again. The Brewers have not made the playoffs in 26 years, since before I was born. Damn. This is the longest current streak in sports, unless you count the Expos/Nationals, but really, what hardcore Montreal Fans now root for the Nationals? They know not our pain. And I'm sick of hearing all this Cubs fans about their 100 year curse and Red Sox fans up to a few years ago. At least they made the playoffs. I'm not asking for a championship. And to put it in further perspective. The longest playoff drought for football is the Cardinals at 10 years, the longest hockey drought is 7 for the Florida Panthers, and the longest in basketball I believe is 3. Yes, baseball is different, but 26 years! Jesus.

Ok, so this is the week. All you people in Milwaukee, get out to Miller Park. Make the city crazy. I know I would if I could.
Brew Crew!

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