Friday, September 19, 2008

Wii review

Ok, so I bought a Nintendo Wii. I thought I'd review it about two years late. Nice.

Wii- OK, the Wii itself is pretty nice. It is aesthetically pleasing and fun as heck to play. I'm still getting used to the controllers. I have two controllers and nun-chucks, Mario Kart, two wheels, Madden 2008, and Wii sports. I really think I could get by on these three games for the rest of my Wii life.

Wii Sports - Pretty much the game everyone thinks of when they get the wii. Bowling is obviously great. I love the practice one where the number of pins keeps getting higher and higher. I haven't yet played enough to become a pro, but it'll come soon. High Score - 238
Baseball is usually fun, especially the home run derby.
I've actually been playing golf more than any other sport. It's fun and easy. I could see it getting old after mastering the one course.

Tennis is disappointing. It is way too boring when playing by yourself.
Haven't boxed yet.

Madden 09 - I haven't had a Madden Video game for 6 years I think, and probably 6 years before that. Madden 95 was great. A young Brett Favre passing to Sterling Sharp and Robert Brooks. Very nice. I think the running back was Reggie Cobb, though. Ok, back to 2008. I'm still getting used to the Wii. The "all-play" feature makes it real easy, but it is pretty difficult without the latter. I love the fantasy draft franchise mode. Fun stuff. I got da bomb ass team with Tony Romo, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush, Darren McFadden, AJ Hawk, Shawn Merrimen and a slew of other young stars. Yeah

Mario Kart - This is the main reason why I purchase the wii. The 64 version is my favorite game ever, and been blogged about many times in the past. The 64 version is great. Tons of new tracks and characters. The AI seems more advanced this game which is good. More weapons. The wheel is real fun. The strength, like usual is the gameplay. It is just so fun and unpredictable. It hasn't reached N64 height yet, but I still got a lot to learn.

- the controllers are expensive
- I have to change the controller for each game - Kart in the wheel, Madden with the Nunchuck, and wii sports without
- I don't have many friends. And we all know video game are better with more people. Damn you Nintendo
- sometimes the overdo the moving your remote to do stuff features

There you go. The moral of the story is Wii is fun.

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