Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it over?

I was going to label this post F---!!! (Dear Lord, that's the loudest profanity I've ever heard)
But I decided we are not yet at that point. I'm talking about the Brewers of course.
4 games ahead of the Phillies. 4 against the Phillies. 4 losses to the Phillies. Great. If we would have won just ONE of those games we'd still be 2 games up. Man. So now it's tied. The Brewers are playing bad. The Phillies good.

But I refuse to give up hope. The Brewers have not made the playoffs since I've been alive. This is their year. Things aren't looking good. 3 against the Cubs. Looking worse.
But last time the Brewers were down I wrote a post saying what the Brewers needed to turn things around, and they did. Check it out.
So here it goes this time. This is a bit more optimistic, though. Here is what will happen in the ideal Brewers world.

1. Prince and Braun get hot at the same time- This is pretty much all the Brewers need. Braun has been hot most of the year. Prince has had a bad year and been hot only for a few random weeks. Just imagine, though, if they were both hot at the same time. Seriously, that's all we need to make the playoffs.

2. Sheets, Sups, Bushy - These guys need wins. Sheets started the all-star game this year! He needs to bring that form at least 4 out of 5 starts, not 1 of 3. Suppan needs to be on his usualy late season game. I really have no complaints for Bush. He just needs some bullpen.

3. Bullpen - Speaking of the Bullpen.... shoot, what happened? Ok, the bullpen has really been trouble all year. Torres has great, but I'm no longer convinced. And who is our set up man? CC Sabathia? OK, my fix - Yovani Gallardo. Couldn't hurt. This one worries me.

4. Veterans - someone please step up. Cameron? Durham? Suppan? We need a veteran to light the fire, get things started, get people fired up, make them believe. The Brewers are obviously streaky. All it will take is a couple games and then we are back on track for the rest of the year. Do it!

Ok, so I'm being optimistic. But this is our year. I am convinced. Try to keep any faith you still might have.

UPDATE - Ned Yost Fired.
Wow. Maybe Doug Melvin is reading my blog.

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