Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best High School Movies

Time for another Family Feud Category - Best High School Movies. Now this is movies that take place in high school or are primarily about high school. I think it is almost its own genre. So I'm leaving out sports movies. And unlike the previous Family Feud Categories which were factual, this is purely based on my opinion. So here you go.


9. The Breakfast Club -
This is a Saturday Super 18 classic. I think that I've only seen that version, not the entire unedited film, but yeah good stuff. People might argue that it should be higher, but I'm not too crazy about 80's movies. Great music, though, both for the decade and for the movie itself.

8. Rushmore - Probably my favorite Wes Anderson film.

7. 10 Things I Hate About You - One of my favorite chick flicks, but that is a post for another day. I'm not sure why, but I really like this movie. It's funny and sweet. The scene where he sings to her at soccer practice is great. And, the nice, somewhat dorky guy (The one from 3rd Rock from the Sun, not Heath Ledger) gets the girl.

6. Grease - Ok, I admit it, sometimes these songs get into my head. Olivia Newton John was hot.

5. Mean Girls - I remember seeing this one at the dollar movie in Oak Creek on a rainy Tuesday night. We weren't going to go, but decided at the last minute and did not have high expectations, but boy, were we pleasantly surprised. It was a great movie! Tina Fey was great.
Tim Meadows was hilarious. Lindsay Lohan was still hot. Girls got hit by buses. Asians slept with gym teachers. Mathletes. I love it.

4. American Pie - I guess this movie means more to my generation because we were actually in high school when it came out. It also really sent the trend for high school movies to come. Lots of memorable scenes.

3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - I think people forget how great this movie is. Wow. It has everything. Fun lead, singing, baseball, dorky friend, parades, karaoke, hot girl friend, bitch sister, Charlie Sheen, douche-bag principal. Heck, a band is even named after it. I love it.

2. Dazed And Confused - This beats out # 3 because you definitely think of it as a high school movie, while Ferris Bueller you may not. You got your stoners, the seniors, the in-coming freshmen, the guy long out of high school (That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older and they stay the same age.), the sports references, the parties, the looking for a party, the outcasts. Yep this one had all the pieces, and it put them together pretty well. One of my favorite scenes was when the keg for the party was delivered when the parents were still home - reminds me of some high school hijinx of my own. Yeah, a lot about this movie reminds me of my high school experience. Don't know if that's good or bad. Pretty crazy this movie is now 15 years old.

1. Fast Times and Ridgemont High - C'mon did you expect any thing else? I mean High is in the name. All other high school movies aspire to be this one. That is fact. Spicoli was great, plus a little cameo by Anthony Edwards and Nic Cage, maybe Coppola at that time. Judge Reinhold was hilarious. And the girls were pretty hot. Oh, and Forest Whitaker. Some great scenes. Gotta love the stoners, jocks, dorks. Great stuff! Jackson Browne's Somebody's Baby (check out the somewhat related link) was such a great song choice for the dugout de-flowering scene. Oh, and Spicoli and his friends falling out of the hotbox van - classic!

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