Thursday, September 11, 2008

Republican National Convention

I have to say that the Republican National Convention was weird.
That is pretty much the best word for it. I mean, look at that logo. The picture with the police is pretty B-A too.
Yeah, there was no regular people around. All there were were protesters. Yeah, we were super busy Monday and Tuesday, but aside from the protests, the city was dead. There was no commerce going on. They must not have allowed any vendors, cuz the city was nothing like Denver. Also, all the Republican delegates were bussed directly into the Excel Center, so there was very little mingling of people. I'd estimate I saw a total of 10 people sporting some sort of McCain apparel.
The week was pretty disappointing.

A few notes.
- Anarchists are stupid. Also, most of them are 130 pound white kids, so I don't see them doing much damage.
- Riot Police are no joke. Those guys got a lot of accessories. Most are older too.
- There was a free concert on Tuesday. It was the biggest hippie-fest I have ever seen in my life. Really. People were hula-hooping, hacky-sacking, twirling ribbons, rhythmic dancing. The smell of cloves was in the air and lots of dred-locks were seen in abundance . And guess who was playing.
Dead Prez - yes the most anti-white artists I know. Pretty funny stuff. But wow, these kids were hula-hooping like it was a matter of life and death, like it was better than sex, crazy stuff. Is that going to change the world?
- I got to see some of my old high school friends and drink a lot of PBR.
- St. Paul has some nice houses
- Thursday I went to the University of Minnesota just to pass some stuff out for a few hours. It was cool, busier, and much more like a regular stop. But, you know how they put out list of like the Top 10, Top 20, even Top 50 hottest students? Well, now I know what U of M never made the list.

So, it was a week dominated by protesters, being board, and PBR. I wish I could compare Republicans to Democrats or something like that, but I simply didn't meet enough of the former in St. Paul.

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