Thursday, November 29, 2007

Best Sports Movies (Part III)

10.) Seabiscuit (2003)
Tagline: A long shot becomes a legend.

Another great movie. It had it all. Maybe too much. You got the rich owner (Jeff Bridges) who has his son die and is pretty much depressed until this horse comes along. You got the mysterious "horse-whisperer" (Chris Cooper). You got the jockey (Toby Maguire) who not only is hard working, never give up figure, but also has a physical handicap. And you got the horse itself who everyone has given up on and can't race and can't tame. And you got the rich guys new young happy-go-lucky-don't-stop believin' wife and William H. Macy. Wow. Loaded. And the best part is the Depression back drop and the fact that Seabiscuit actually gave hope to the common people. That's why I included the historical footage clip. Pretty cool.

9.) Remember the Titans (2000)
Tagline: They came together when their classmates and loved ones would not.

A pretty lame tagline I must admit, but a great film. Again a movie that has it all, but this time it all fits together perfectly and does not overwhelm. You got the high sports theme and the racism theme. When put together.....golden. You got the racist small town hating on the new coach Denzel. You got the racist player getting kicked off the team. You back the backup, hippie California quarterback having to come in after an injury to the starter. You got one guy switching from offense to defense. You got the racist girlfriend. You got the racist administration. You got the two captains- one black, one white, one offense, one defense- bringing their team together and becoming friends. You got the muddy games, the cold games, the close games, the little used players stepping up. You got the star player getting into a major car accident after win getting them to state. You got the community and the team coming together in the end winning with the injured guy listening in the hospital. And on top of it all, it is all told in flashback years later at the funeral of the injured Ray.
PLUS you have a young Hayden Panettiere as the high school football loving daughter of the assistant coach. This girl LOVES the shit out of some high-school football. If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about. She's like 10, but knows everything about the team. Hilarious. I would have mentioned it whether she grew up to be a pretty banging 18 year old Hero or not.

Yeah, this movie has got pretty much everything. And after watching it, everyone really will Remember the Titans.

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