Monday, November 26, 2007

Best Sports Movies (Part II)

Alright, here's the continuation of the countdown. Sorry about that crazy font in yesterday's post that got progressively larger. Don't know what was up with that.
Back to the countdown.
13. Chariots of Fire (1981)
Tagline: This is the story of two men who run...not to run...but to prove something to the world. They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals...Except their honor.

Pretty much a classice again and you can't think of it without the Vangelis song in the background. Oh, and the story is great too with the whole Jew/Christian dynamic and the not selling out for your sport. Pretty nice. Another one I want to see again.

12. Million Dollar Baby (2004)
Tagline: Beyond his silence, there is a past. Beyond her dreams, there is a feeling. Beyond hope, there is memory. Beyond their journey, there is love.

Awesome movie- winner of best picture, best director, best actress and best supporting actor. I think I saw this on a plane home from England after reading an SI article about it in the airport on my way to England. Really shows incredible determination and guts from Maggie and has the old, cynical, grizzled coach in Clint Eastwood. It is a chance for redemdtion for both, to right wrongs for Eastwood and make something of herself for Maggie. The scenes with her family were absolutely disgusting. Man. Oh, I did see Hilary Shwank in an issue of Esquire (this time purchased in an airport on my way back from Philly- travel really facilitates sports movies, I guess) and she is pretty hot.
An amazingly powerful movie. But also the most depressing movie I have ever seen.

11. Mean Machine (2001)
Tagline: Not your usual suspects

Probably the least recognized film on the list, but I had to put in a soccer movie. Think The Longest Yard, but British. Vinnie Jones does a great job. All the soccer is hilarious, and the whole guards vs. inmates works well, but the center piece of the film is the character just called Monk played by Jason Statham and in the video below. He is totally crazy, or an absolute nutter, as they would say in England. REALLY FUNNY. I suggest you check it out.
I pretty much had to have a soccer movie this high as it is by far my favorite sport. The Big Green was quite up to the snuff to make the list.

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Thorzul said...

If Karate Kid does not show up as #1 on this list, we need to have some words.