Sunday, December 2, 2007

Best Sports Movies (Part IV)

8) Rudy (1993)
Tagline: When people say dreams don't come true, tell them about Rudy.

I like the tagline for this one. Pretty, pretty nice. I'm pretty sure this movie has brought me very near to tears. I used to like Notre Dame, but my appreciation has greatly dropped over the past few years. But nevertheless, I love this movie. What he goes through to play is so great. Man, his friend dies to gives him the fire to try to achieve his dream. He goes to junior college. He sleeps in the janitor's room. (just like Leo in Growing Pains.) He paints the helmets. He makes the practice team. Works his ass off and never gets to play until his final game where he gets a sack on the last play and is carried off the field. Great.
Oh, and I love Roc, the guy who was a great player but didn't work hard then quit the team or something. And the kid who got on the team cause his father was real good. And I think my favorite scene was the one where the huge lineman took it easy on Rudy and didn't block him and Rudy got real pissed saying that this was his way of helping the team and then on the next plays the lineman just leveled him over and over. Oh, and my other favorite scene was when Rudy wasn't on the dress roster for the last game, and all the players go to the coach and lay down their jerseys and tell the coach they want Rudy to dress in their place. Nice.
Oh, and all that Rudy went through to play, all his effort and determination really makes me wish I would've put more effort in and worked harder. "I coulda been somebody." Now I'm just fat and lazy.
P.S. I love Sean Astin's carreer choices: Goonies, Encino Man, Rudy, Lord of the Rings, Meerkat Manor

7.) Raging Bull (1980)

Great Movie. I heard so much about it, though, before seeing it that maybe it was a bit disappointing. Great work by De Niro. Great boxing scenes, but more than that. It showed all that there is to be a huge athlete, or at least attempt to be a huge athlete. Good stuff. Love the black and white.

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