Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Dunc

Here's a bit about Big Dunc's off the pitch ability which helps explain why he is the idol of millions everywhere.

1. In 2001, two men tried to rob Dunc's home, and were subsequently confronted by Duncan who put one of them in the hospital for three days.

2. In 2003 Ferguson was again the victum of attempted robbery at his home. He again confronted the individual and detained him until the police arrived. He got him so bad the robber tried to press charges on Big Dunc for assult.

3. Big Dunc has been arrested 4 times for assult, twice for altercations while waiting for taxis, once for a scuffle with a fisherman at a Scottish pub, and once for an on the field incident
headbutting a player and receiving a 3 month jail sentence.

4. He cannot be fucked with on the field, Sami Hyypia and John Terry called him the hardest player to defend they have ever played against.

5. Big Dunc holds the record for most red-cards in a season with 8.

Here are some video links to Big Dunc.

Big Dunc, you are my hero.

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