Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duany Duany

The man so nice they named him twice, Duany Duany. He has been imprinted into my mind for some reason. I guess it's his name and his extremely dark skin tone. He wasn't really a great basketball player, pretty much just a role player in Wisconsin's Final Four run in 2000, but I loved him, and still do to this day. I even had this very picture up on my dorm room door my freshman year. And to my disgust and saddness, I one day came home and someone tore Duany's head of the picture. But it did not end up there. Some carefully placed tape saved the day.
So Duany, I will never forget you. You remain in my heart and mind and many others as well.

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Thorzul said...

There's a kid at my school named Abdi Abdi. No one ever calls him just "Abdi." The Duany legacy lives on.