Monday, May 17, 2010

Hottest Women of Survivor

Season 20 of survivor has come and gone. Season 20 was great, but I won't comment on it until later this week when I reveal Big Dunc's Survivor All-Stars. We have seen 20 seasons of this great show, some awesome, some lame, some hit and miss. We've had heroes, villains, great moves, bone-head moves, injuries, people quitting, awesome challenges, lame challenges, great wildlife, incredible natural elements and more.What still draws me to Survivor? Well, the competitive nature, the politics, the variety of snapshots of human nature, and, of course, women in bikinis. In 10 years, Survivor has put some really hot ladies out there. I've had a Women of Survivor post before, so this will be the Season 20 update.

Criteria: Yes, there is more to my picking criteria than just hotness, but not much more. You must be attractive, but things like gameplay and personality play a role as well. Also, you have to stick around in the game for a while. This shows you can play the game of Survivor and it allows you to be seen more – more screenshots, more interviews, more awkward challenges. Yeah, that's about it.

Here is list ultimate list of Hottest Women of Survivor

Honorable mention:

Ashley – Samoa- much better looking than that hot mess Natalie

Amber – Australia, All-Stars – cute girl next door turned serious, winning player. Lost some points by marrying Boston Rob and then going on the Amazing Race.

Stephenie- Palau, Guatemala, Heroes – Stephenie is that tomboy that one day turned hot. She was a great player, and is pretty physical. That is both an advantage and disadvantage as for as a contest of attractiveness goes.

Brooke (Guatemala) and Misty (Panama) – These two were victims of early eliminations, going 3rd or 4th, so we really didn’t get a chance to know them or see them. Judging on looks alone, which I do not do because I am above that pettiness, Brooke would have made the top 10 for sure, maybe even top 5, but we just didn't get enough of her.

Kim P – Africa – Another girl next door type. She's cute, but not overly stunning.

Stacy – Fiji – The Fiji season did not bring us much. The best it brought would be Yau-Man, but Stacy comes in a close 2nd.

Ami – Vanuatu, Micronesia – Hot lesbian.

Elisabeth (Australia) and Colleen (Borneo) – If this was a list of Cutest Women of Survivor these two would without a doubt be on top. They were the original desirable women on Survivor, giving lots of young males reason to be hooked. Thanks Colleen and Elisabeth.

Now on to the top 10 where the real hotness is at.

10. Monica – SamoaSome people look better in the Survivor promotional photos, others actually look better in the swimsuits and non-make up element of Survivor. Monica would be in the former category. At times, she looks stunning, but kind of blended in once the games started. Don't get me wrong, she is hot, but only #10 hot.

9. Amanda – China, Micronesia, HeroesOne of the best players and best looking players. You have to like that one-two punch. Great smile, great body. Another good 1-2 punch. You got to see a lot of her. She's on the leader board for most days on Survivor and has to be #1 for "Most blurred out body parts". And, this may sound odd, but she has a very nice FUPA as well. Strong start to the Top 10.

8. Alexis – Micronesia One of the fans in Fans vs Favorites, Alexis made it pretty far and played a pretty strong game before she was ousted by the superior play of the veterans. She has both girl next door and just plain hot looks. She doesn't initially come to mind when you think of hot survivors, but definitely worthy of a place in the top 10.

7. Candice – Cook Islands, HeroesCandice Woodcock, the last name definitely adds to her positioning. She has a super fit body, but is kind of a bitch. She's one of those players that in my opinion, looks better in the game than all made up in the jury. But, I won't complain, I like her either way.

5a. Kelly (Gabon) , 5b. Sydney (Tocantins)Had to put these two together. They are basically the same person for Survivor purposes. Both in recent seasons, both voted out 6th, both blonde, both hot, both not super memorable, and they are the only two on the list not to make the jury. This shows they are definitely attractive, but couldn't quite use that asset to progress further in the game.

Also, these two move us forward on our list. There is no more girls next door or cute ladies, the final 6 are just plain hot. In case you don't remember, here's a nice video of Sydney and one of Kelly's final words - she is a biatch, but that makes me like here even more. Women.

4. Darrah – Pearl Islands – Ok, I might be the only one that is a big Darrah advocate, but like I said in the previous post, there is just something about her. She is/was a or mortician! She has a thick southern accent. She kicked ass in a few immunity challenges, which I think were shooting guns and blow darts. There is a lot there for a man from Wisconsin to love. I still can't find a picture of her that does justice.

Here is one video featuring the great Southern twang and another with a lot of great shots of Darrah smiling and winning and also showing that youtube is the most ridiculously great thing in the world.

3. Parvati –Cook Islands, Micronesia, Villains – Is it possible to be deceitful, conniving, and manipulative in an endearing way? I think Parvati is evidence that the answer to that question is yes. In Cook islands she was just another attractive girl, but she came into her own winning Fans vs. Favorites, and embraced the villainness role even more in Heroes vs. Villains. She uses what she gots. No doubt she is one of the best players to ever play the game - great in strategy and challenges. Unlike lots of people on the list, she is not one you would want to take home to your parents, and that makes guys like her even more. She doesn't have that classic beauty, but that doesn't matter. Gotta love that smile and the fact that she total owns her devious side.

2. Kelly – Samoa- Kelly was one of those very lucky to get a place on the jury. Samoa was an attractive cast, so seeing her alone every week on the jury made her stand out. She grew on me more every week. I admit I looked forward to seeing her every week. She was an ok player, but you cannot deny her hotness, fitness, and sexiness. Yes. Here is her "Day after" video. I agree Kelly, you did well physically, I would even say you did GREAT physically.

1. Julie – Vanuatu I have to say that 5-2 on this list is pretty darn impressive. Good work Survivor producers. Keep up the good work. But, #1 was again not in doubt. The other ladies on this list are fine and super hot. Julie is at another level. I enjoy seeing pictures and videos of the other contestants, but I would look at Julie all day. She is drool producing, nocturnal emission inducing. I think that says it all. Julie is still Big Dunc's hottest Survivor contestant after 20 seasons. The pictures say 1,000 words.

Well, this is definitely one post I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did putting it together. Lots of nice pictures and videos for you. I'd say let's hope for 20 more seasons, but that would be pushing it, maybe 6-8 more would be perfect.

Let me know what you think of the list and how you would've ranked them. And stayed tuned for Big Dunc's Survivor All-Stars coming soon.


The Kid said...

Dude, I thought I was the only huge Darrah fan! Guess we're the lone two.

Anonymous said...

Amanda deserves to be way higher on this list.

Anonymous said...

I was on a cruise in 2005 in which, not known by me, included a few castaways from Survivor. Big Tom, Lex, Savage (forgot his first name) and Darrah were some of them. She is better in person than on TV. She is super hot and super nice. Had a few drinks with her at the bar one night...totally awesome and super sexy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would put Amanda in first place, Parvati a close 2nd, and Amber in 3rd. Also Heidi Strobel deserves an honorable mention.