Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Survivor All-Stars

Here is your second Survivor post of the week. This past season, Heroes vs. Villains was on the best yet. Lots of twists and turns early and often, and about and an awesome cast. I would say that about 70% can rightfully be called All-Stars. Some of my favorites were there, but a few people were missing, and a few Survivors have now been over exposed, so after 20 seasons, I've decided to make a list of Big Dunc's Survivor All-Stars.

Criteria: Being a Big Dunc Survivor All-Star is a tough proposition. It is not just the best players or the players I liked the most, but a combination of the two. To be a Big Dunc All-Star you must excel in the game, but most importantly, you must be entertaining and intriguing. This can encompass strong moral players, strong players in challenges, strong players in strategy, liars, winners, losers, threats, sneaky players and, as mentioned on Monday's post, and the reason for putting the Hottest Women of Survivor post before the All-Star post, attractive players. Some players will make this list solely for the eye candy purpose.

In consideration, but not making the final cut:

Colby: He's had three goes and was vastly disappointing in Heroes vs. Villains
Lex, Ethan, Tom – All strong players in Africa and on All-Stars, but in the end, they did not have that wow factor.
Boston Rob – I really didn't like him the first two seasons, but he grew on me this past season.
Rafe (Guatemala) – This guy is underrated. He one four individual immunity challenges, was a driving force in his alliance making it to the end, and was a likeable character, but in the end the jack-of-all-trades didn't excel enough at one thing to merit a spot on Big Dunc's All-Stars
Aras – Winner of the Panama season, good guy, handsome, but not entertaining enough to make this list and was overshadowed by some cast-mates.
Ozzy – Beast in Cook Islands season, but got kind of cocky and uncool in Micronesia
Jonathan – This guy love the game. He is kind of a douche, but I respect him. His candid approach made him tough to leave off.
JT and Stephen – Leaders of Tocantins, but JT's play in H vs V leaves him off the list. Stephen – just not fun enough.
Taj- strong strategic player, nice person and fun
Erik (Samoa) – This guy lived in a tree trunk for 3 days!

Now the two toughest ones to leave off. They would have made my favorite player list, but not my All-Star list.
James – A beast in challenges, but two injuries and a blindside (with two immunity idols!) does not get you on the All-Star list. His social game was definitely lacking this season. You will be missed.
Coach – Wow, this guy us ridiculous, superbly entertain in both his seasons, but in the end, he never really did much. He had the entertainment factor for sure, but that is all. Sorry Coach

And now the last two to miss out on the All-Star teams. Both are deserving but end up missing out because they aren't quite in the caliber of the other players. If I went with teams of 10, they would have made the list, but in the end I decided to go with 18 strong players.
Todd – Winner of China, a strong strategic player. He led his alliance to the end, but at the end of the day, was not the memorable.
Chris – Winner of Survivor Vanuatu – I would like to see this guy play again to see if his victory was a fluke or incredible gameplay. He went to the final 7 with 6 women, but still won! That is pretty nice, but women hate each and he was lucky and he's not at all likable, so he just misses out on the title of Big Dunc All-Star.

Check out the 18 Big Dunc Survivor All-Stars revealed tomorrow. Feel free to post some guesses of who will make it.

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