Friday, May 2, 2008


Work- I'm back in Montana. It is fun (very boring). I surf the internet a lot. I gchat a lot. My immediate boss, the media director, just put in his two weeks, but the president here told him not to come back. Great. Is that really the way the world works? So now I got more work and responsibility, which isn't a bad thing. Actually the media dept now just has me and one intern under me. When I first got here there were 6 staff. Yeah, so more interns will be coming soon. I got this place on lock.

Shaq Attaq- The Shaq Attaq price has gone up quickly, but is still not insanely high for a real pinball machine. I put down bids twice, which were outbid soon after. So now I am playing the waiting game. 10 hours, I'll put in the late bid. It looks around $400 right now, but me and Brendan are going 50/50. We also have the backup plan of Virtue Tennis, which is being sold by the same seller, just in case Shaq gets to pricey.
I love Shaq!

LOTR/STAR WARS Tourney- Lots of good match-ups out there. But voting seems to have drawn to a lull. Shoot. I'll probably close the polls Monday morning. Vote if you have not yet.

Survivor- Um, my predictions were close, but a bit off the mark, thanks mostly to Ozzie not using the idol. Did you see it last night? Wow, one of the biggest SALTY moments I can remember in Survivor history. Those girls got served! Good work Amanda. The jury was freaking loving it. I wish it woulda been Natalie who went home, but she can't be too far off.
Everything worked out with Erik winning immunity and Amanda playing it up that she didn't find it. Salty. James is gone, though, too, so I am salty. Damn. He is my man. I'll miss him. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Random- I'm exited for the new Indiana Jones.
Songs I randomly like right now - Braveheart Party - Nas and Mary J. Blige
A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum
Moondance - Van Morrison
I got a nice, fitted, flat-brimmed, new Brewers hat. Good start to the season.
I got some pretty fly new shoes - Air Force Ones, fake patent leather bright yellow and maroon, with a black swoosh and white laces. Pretty hot.
I think my favorite words right now are "poignant" and "deluge"
I miss pub quiz and karaoke
There is still snow on the ground in Montana

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