Monday, May 19, 2008

Ideas 2.0

Well, not much feedback from you guys. I'm a little disappointed (thanks Thorzul).
But I've come up with some ideas on my own and I'll give you a little preview of what to expect over the next few months. There is no set order on these things. I'm just getting you excited.

- Simpson's Best Episode Countdown - a very daunting task, somewhat like choices between 6 of one and a half a dozen of the other, though I do hate that phrase. But there are so many great episodes to choose from. I look forward to it.
- Today at the Olympics - This one won't happen for a while, but everyday I can, I will give the Tony Brown update of the Olympics. This will mainly be what I see on TV that day that interests me. This could be human interest stories, amazing performances, injuries, mistakes, weird fans, weird things about China, attractive women, and my betting. I strongly advice you to bet on the Olympics. It is one of the funnest things ever. Not like online or in Vegas or anything, but just with your friends. Bet a dollar on everything. Make it as arbitrary as possible. It works best for track and field and swimming. The rules are you can never pick the US and in those two events you cannot pick lanes 4,5, or 6, because they are the best times. So pick someone from an outside lane. Whoever finishes better between you and your friend(s) wins the money. I've had great luck in the past with Japanese swimmers and Bahamas runners. This arbitrary betting also works well for late night events you know nothing about - field hockey, judo, archery, and also crazy basketball and soccer games like Angola vs South Korea. Try it out.

- Euro 2008 - I'm not sure how many soccer fans read this, but I'll be updating you on the European Championships this summer. It is much like the World Cup, but just with Europe. And the final is being held at Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium. Gotta love the Austrians.
- Star Wars/Lord of the Rings Final Four - Should be up tomorrow or Wednesday.
- Montana- I'll try to post some pictures of where I live/what I do. Might be boring to most, but now that the weather is nice, the place is pretty cool.
- Randomness - do not worry, the randomness will continue
- Bus Tour - Do not worry, the bus tour will continue. Hopefully I'll get out on it before the summer is done.
- Survivor Audition - I plan on trying out for Survivor again and I'll try to post the video on here. That should provide you with two to three minutes of entertainment.
- Politics - It's a big year. I'll keep you updated on all the inside info including Vampire candidates, scandals, and other stuff. Actually, I work in Politics, so I probably won't write about it here.

That's on the agenda, plus a few other random things. Again, I am open to suggestions to anything you would like me to write about.

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steve said...

how about a top ten list of books you had to read for school - you could do a grade school edition and a high school edition
my grade school top ten would definitely include "The Indian and the Cupboard"