Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones Movie Review

I saw IJATKOTCS yesterday as I was calling it early in the week, but after seeing it, I now know it is not worthy of an acronym.

It was disappointing. It was also entertaining. It started well. The beginning scene was classic Indy. There was mystery, you really wanted to know what was going on and what was going to happen. There scenes between Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf were all pretty quality. There was some chemistry there. You had the classic Indiana Jones figuring out the mystery and then the classic Indy flying/map scene. But then the movie started to go downhill - crazy grave protectors, vine-swinging, monkeys, sword fighting, giant fire ants, snake-rope, aliens (inter-dimensional beings) more grave protectors. I could keep going. Lame ending. I'll let you check it out for yourself. The chase scenes and fight scenes were too long and unbelievable. In the previous movies you look past that, and even enjoyed that because the overall plot was great. Here there were some good individual parts, but the whole plot was just not Indiana Jones worthy. My friend and I just kept looking at each other like "What is going on?"
I'll guess I'll give this thing 2 stars. It was a bad movie, but I liked it, if that makes sense. Still has the Indy music. A few of my friends were real upset, saying it tarnished the Indiana Jones legacy and one said he would just pretend it never even happened. I wouldn't go that far. For me, I'm glad I saw it, but it definitely did not live up to expectations. I would recommend seeing it at a matinée so you don't have to pay much, and go with very low hopes.
Tony Brown

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Brian said...

Total disappointment. I guess that's what happens when George Lucas gets his grubby fingers in the Spielberg pie. Alien

It was still one of those "must see" franchise follow-ups that you couldn't miss if you had already invested your time in the first three.