Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elilte Eight

Time to figure out the final four. We got 5 Star Wars - 3 old, 2 new - and 3 Lord of the Rings.
Padme Amidala is the lowest seed left after ousting Wicket. All number one seeds remain.

1. Gandalf vs. 2. Chewbacca-
Gandalf has had little trouble so far. Chewie barely beat Legolas. Can the Wookie upset the wizard?

1. Aragorn vs. 10. Padme Amidala-
The queen keeps moving forward, beating Boromir, Yoda, and now the upstart Ewok. Will it be enough against the King?

1. Han Solo vs. 3. Sam-
The smuggler vs. the fat Hobbit. Will charm and bravery overcome honesty and loyalty?

1. Vader vs. 2. Obi-Wan Kenobi-
Lots of history between these two. This is kind of the rubber match with Obi-Wan winning in Episode III and Vader winning in A New Hope. Will Obi-Wan fight this time? Will he maintain his momentum after dominating Gollem? Or should he have switched to the Dark Side like Vader?

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