Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Savage Land Region

Another top Stacked region here in the Savage Land. Again, some mighty powerful characters among the top 5 seeds. CBS analysts are all up in arms about the low seeds given to Professor X, Dr. Doom, Mr. Fantastic, and Cyclops. Lots of interesting matchups, especially if seeds hold to form.

Round One

1. Wolverine vs. 16 Medusa
Medusa won the "Ginger low quality female superhero" play-in game against Black Widow. It was a great cat fight – lots of hair pulling (shocker), slapping, cheap shots, and everyone was watching for a chance that they might somehow…kiss.
Medusa is pretty worn down after the Ginger play in game, and is no real match for Wolverine. He is brutal and by no means chivalric.
Winner: Wolverine

8. Ozymandias vs. 9. Mr. Fantastic
We got a big one right here. Gotta love the 8/9 matchup. This winner will definitely challenge Wolverine. Ozymandias took down the Watchmen for the sake of the betterment of the world, though his means can be questioned. Reed Richards has defeated Dr. Doom and other villains countless times. Veidt can get close to matching Reed's intellect, and it seems this is not the best arena for Mr. Fantastic. This is one on one combat. His leadership skills will not help here and often times with the FF he lets his team do the fighting while he goes off and creates some invention to save the day.
Here, Ozymandias will fight dirty and come away with the win.
Winner: Ozymandias

5. Dr. Doom vs. 12. Batgirl
Well, the Joker already did the dirty work on Batgirl, but let's pretend she can use her legs again. What's the first thing Dr. Doom will do? Paralyze her. Yep, he'll destroy you physically and emotionally, just take away all your will power.
Winner: Doom

4. Professor X vs. 13. Cyclops
Interesting one here, kind of like Favre vs Rodgers, but not really because Favre is not a teacher and does not care about anyone but himself. So, ok, maybe it's not like that at all. Professor X could win this one in his sleep, but he is more interested in his dream and vision. Beating Cyclops would tear down any progress Xavier has made. The lame pattern continues, Professor X lets Cyclops slay him. Boo.
Winner: Cyclops

3. Thanos vs. 14. Iceman
A sleeping giant here at the 3 seed. Watch out everyone.
Winner: Thanos

6. Joker vs. 11 Punisher
Interesting battle here, not sure which way it will go. Both are unrelenting, but the Joker will go just a bit further and win this match.
Winner: Joker

7. Flash vs. 10 Scarlet Witch
Old-school speedster versus the underutilized Avenger, this one is hard to call, a great 7/10 battle. So the Flash is fast, anything else going for him? I believe the Scarlet Witch once created a new universe or reality with her chaos magic, so she really has some powers. But they won't help in a one-on-one battle against someone she cannot catch or even see. Flash uses his experience to wear down the witch.
Winner: Flash

2. Hulk vs. 15 Robin
This is the most lopsided battle of the entire tournament. Hulk wins 121-24 in a match lasting 2 minutes 44 seconds.
Winner: Hulk

Round 2

1. Wolverine vs. 8. Ozymandias
Ozymandias took down Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach, Nite-Owl, and the Comedian in Watchmen, but he has never fought anyone quite like Wolverine. He's like a Rorschach/Comedian with mutant healing powers and unbreakable metal claws. This will be a long one, but Wolverine's tenacity and healing power see him through. Crowds rejoice when Veidt takes two claws to the gut.
Winner: Wolverine

13. Cyclops vs. 5. Dr. Doom
Let's see, Dr. Doom has large amounts of fighting experience, alchemy and sorcery knowledge , technology, intellect, a vast array of resources, including a robot army and Cyclops has optic beams and a bad hair-cut. A walk in the park for Doom. One of his Doom-bots destroys Cyclops.
Winner: Dr. Doom

3. Thanos vs. 6. Joker
We've got another super villain battle here, but let's be serious, even though the Joker is great character, he battles mostly human foes, while Thanos goes against the Silver Surfer, the Elders of the Universe, and pretty much the entire Marvel Universe. He even destroyed half the universe to impress death.
Winner: Thanos

2. Hulk vs. 7. Flash
This is a great DC/Marvel battle, two of each universe's low-tiered top level guys if that makes sense. Both have been around for a long time and are integral parts of their universes. Hulk has the power to win the entire tournament, but Flash will provide problems with his speed. Hulk will not get to use his power and will get more and more frustrated (think Hulk of old). Hulk Smash! Hulk Smash! But he still cannot connect with Flash. In a surprise move, Flash uses the shrink ray from the Atom and shrinks down to a small enough size that he speeds in through the Hulk's nostrils and straight to his brain, downing the Hulk before he knows what hit him.
Winner: Flash

Sweet Sixteen

1. Wolverine
Affiliation: X-Men, formerly Alpha Flight
Big Wins: Took down the Hellfire Club single handedly
Bad Losses: Jean Grey to Cyclops (ouch), bones to Magneto, memories due to Weapon X experiments
Claim to Fame: Most popular X-Man, fierce, resilient, short, scruffy
NCAA Equivalent: 2009 Pittsburgh


5. Dr. Doom
Affiliation: None
Big Wins: Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four a few times, regained power in his country
Bad Losses: normal looking face, mother, Fantastic Four many times
Claim to Fame: Monarch of small Balkan nation of Latveria, gypsy
NCAA Equivalent: 2006 Florida

Battle: Well stage this one in a forest just to make it more interesting. This could be the best match of the tournament, no lie. Dr. Doom will start off by bombarding Wolverine with scores of robot Dooms, which Wolverine will promptly slice to bits. Wolverine will easily be able to ascertain which Doom is the real Doom amongst the robots and will pounce. But Doom has many defenses. Extreme battle ensues. Wolverine takes many energy blasts. He thinks he has the upper hand when his claws shred Doom's face, but Doom does not worry about his face. He unleashes a flurry of weapons and spells and sends Wolverine down. Doom is too smart to relish his moves and quickly kills the little Canadian. Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Winner: Doom

3. Thanos
Affiliation: Titans, Infinity Watch
Big Wins: Cosmic Cube, Infinity Gauntlet
Bad Losses: Cosmic Cube, Infinity Gauntlet, Mistress Death
Claim to Fame: Eternal from the moon of Titan bent on Universe conquest, strange fascination for the personification of Death
NCAA Equivalent: 2003 Syracuse


7. Flash
Affiliation: Justice Society, Justice League
Big Wins: Saved multiple universes in Crisis, race against Superman (World’s Finest #198–199)
Big losses: life
Claim to fame: Fastest Man on Earth
NCAA equivalent: 2004 UAB

Battle: This one starts very similar to Flash/Hulk battle, but Thanos is not as quick to get frustrated. He is crafty and smart and eventually catches flashes and bakes him with cosmic blasts. Ouch.
Winner: Thanos

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