Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic Book Character Bracket - Gotham Region

Gotham City Region

Here we got Batman as the top seed in his own back yard. Look for him to go pretty far. Looking at the bracket this region is pretty top heavy with any of the top 6 seeds capable of making the final four. I don't see too many upsets. Intriguing matchups: Captain America/Lex Luthor, Rorschach/Daredevil plus potential 2nd round matchups Magneto/Spectre and Dr. Manhattan/Wonder Woman

Round 1

1. Batman vs. 16. Nite-Owl

A somewhat intriguing match here, but Batman is at home, Batman is much fiercer, and Nite-Owl has never been high on confidence. Ok, so really this is an easy one. Batman was even tempted to let Robin fight for him.

8. Daredevil vs. 9. Rorschach

This is a fun one. I don't think I'm even close to creative enough to tell you how this one will play out. Lots of fighting dirty. And don't think it's just from Rorschach. Daredevil can throw down too. But, Rorschach is brutal to the core, never relenting, never giving in.

Winner: Rorschach

5. Wonder Woman vs. 12 Beast

The Amazonian against the X-Man. Very interesting matchup here. 9 times out of 10 Wonder Woman would dominate the Beast, but we need a 12/5 upset so this is that 1 time out of 10.

Winner: Beast

4. Dr. Manhattan vs. 13. Spawn

Spawn is the only non-Marvel/DC character that made the tourney. Maybe Witchblade, Miracleman, and Magnus, Robot Fighter made the NIT comic tournament and will face off against characters like Banshee and Falcon, and, I think Spawn will be wishing he was in the NIT as well. God exists and he's American. Yes, Spawn has no chance.

Winner: Dr. Manhattan

3. Magneto vs. 14 Green Goblin

A battle of two Marvel Super-Villains, well maybe it is a stretch to call The Green Goblin a Super-Villain. His only chance is to catch Magneto by surprise and use his arrogance against him, but I'm sure most of the Green Goblin has metal on him, so see you later GG.

Winner: Magneto

6. Spectre vs. 11. Ghostrider

A large touch of death in this matchup. Heaven vs. Hell? I don't totally know the origin of either of these characters, but I know that dying, death, heaven, and hell play a large part. The Spectre is just of a higher class than Ghostrider

Winner: Spectre

7. Captain America vs. 10. Lex Luthor

Ooh, a great contrast in styles here. Captain America may be lucky to draw one of the other participants of the tournament without super powers, but Luthor has many items in his arsenal. He's beaten Superman many times. But, Cap has that manifest destiny, never-say-die attitude. He simply will not let evil prevail.

Winner: Captain America

2. Silver Surfer vs. 15. Venom

Winner: Silver Surfer

Round 2

1. Batman vs. 9. Rorschach

Throw out the rules of engagement here. This is the epitome of a no-holds-barred matchup. We've got two humans here going head to head. No super powers. A few simple gadgets, but a lot of this battle is as much mental as physical. That is why the edge goes to Batman. For one, he is much saner than Rorschach, and second, he will immediately exploit every weakness he sees. He won't walk away unscathed though

Winner: Batman

4. Dr. Manhattan vs. 12. Beast

A few blue characters here. Beast is smart and strong, but possesses nowhere near the power that Dr. Manhattan does. The upset run ends at one for Hank McCoy.

Winner: Dr. Manhattan

3. Magneto vs. 6. Spectre

Hot matchup here. Does Magneto have any way of getting to the Spectre? I really don't see one. However, Magneto is a wily veteran and will do anything to win and has the fundamentals (think Bo Ryan Basketball). This is definitely one of the best matchups of the tournament thus far. There are many ways it could go, but the Spectre will pull it off in double overtime. He has much more experience with death than Magneto.

Winner: Spectre

2. Silver Surfer vs. 7. Captain America

Wow, great match here. Surfer is obviously much, much more powerful than Cap, but Cap is so resilient. He is the American Spirit. And we know that is tough to beat. But it is the Silver Surfer, holder of the Cosmic Power. Cap can only take so much and his shield will do nothing to the Surfer.

Winner: Silver Surfer

Sweet Sixteen

1. Batman

Affiliation: Justice League

Big Wins: defeated Superman, defeating the entire JLA, #1 player in top conference (best bad guys)

Bad Losses: parents, Batgirls ability to move legs, Robin II, that girl in the Dark Knight

Claim to Fame: Gotham city is pretty shitty. There is really no other way to put it, but Batman constantly defeats a huge group of villains. He also paved the way for Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and a bunch of others.

NCAA equivalent: 2005 Illinois


4. Dr. Manhattan

Affiliation: The Watchmen

Big Wins: Russians

Bad Losses: Janie Slater, Wally, Silk Spectre II, they blamed him for all the trouble at the end of the movie

Claim to fame: Blue, almost all-powerful, blue schlong

NCAA equivalent: Any of those good Cincinnati teams

Battle: I see Batman as a rich man's Adrian Viedt. He just finds your weakness and goes for it. He has the technology, the intelligence, and fighting ability to defeat anyone. Plus Dr. Manhattan is depressed. He gave a lot of people cancer and is sad he killed the fine scientific mind of Hank McCoy. Batman actually doesn't have to do too. Much like Phoenix, Dr. Manhattan decides to send himself into oblivion.

Winner: Batman

6. Spectre

Affiliation: sometimes JSA

Big Wins: Crisis on an Infinite Earths, Zero Hour

Bad losses: Avenging the unjust dead usually means he arrived too late

Claim to fame: Guardian angel, avenger of the dead, charged with riding the earth of all evil

NCAA equivalent: Any of those good Stanford Teams


2. Silver Surfer

Affiliation: worked with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, Defenders

Big Wins: Freedom!, saved earth from Galactus multiple times

Bad Losses: his planet, his love Shalla-Bal, all this friends, he's responsible for the death of billions of lives.

Claim to Fame: Silver undergarments, cosmic power

NCAA equivalent: 1983 Houston

Battle: This one could range from an all out never before seen battle to the two of them discussing all their guilt issues. I definitely picture the Spectre as death from the Seventh Seal. Maybe they'll decide to end it with a chess match. I doubt it. Either Way, Spectre is underused, under exposed, under explored. Lots of potential, but I'm not sure if anyone will ever find it. Cosmic power trumps avenging angel.

Winner: Silver Surfer


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