Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brackets Revealed

March Madness is upon us.

Two years ago Big Dunc presented the unprecedented LOTR/Star Wars bracket during the month of March and beyond. This year for March Madness, Big Dunc will be unveiling the Comic Book Super Hero/Super Villain Tear Down the House Bracket.

Yes, 65 Super Heroes and Super Villains from the Comic Book world will be pitted against each other in NCAA like tournament, with the winner being crowned the ultimate comic book character.

The comic book tournament selection committee has been meeting for months to determine the field of participants. Criteria the selection committee looked at included the overall body of work, likability, popularity, fighting ability, win-loss record, and experience.

A few other notes: No God or God-like entities were allowed in the tournament

No eternals or beings older than the universe were allowed in the tournament

Origin of universe (DC or Marvel) was not a factor in the seeding process, so members from the same team could potential face each other in the first round

Fan voting will not begin until the Elite Eight at the earliest

Let's Check out the Brackets!

Negative Zone Bracket

1. Superman

16. Kitty Pryde

8. Dr. Strange


5. Invisible Woman

12. Vision

4. Iron Man

13. Mystique

6. Martian Manhunter

11. Green Arrow

3. Phoenix

14. Luke Cage

7. Superboy

10. Human Torch

2. Spider-Man

15. Sabretooth

Gotham City Bracket

1. Batman

16. Nite-Owl

8. Daredevil

9. Rorschach

5. Wonder Woman

12. Beast

4. Dr. Manhattan

13. Spawn

6. Spectre

11. Ghost Rider

3. Magneto

14. Green Goblin

7. Captain America

10. Lex Luthor

2. Silver Surfer

15. Venom

Savage Land Bracket

1. Wolverine

16. (Play-in) Medusa/Black Widow

8. Ozymandias

9. Mr. Fantastic

5. Dr. Doom

12. Hawkman

4. Professor X

13. Cyclops

6. Joker

11. Punisher

3. Thanos

14. Ice Man

7. Flash

10. Scarlet Witch

2. Hulk

15. Robin

Metropolis Bracket

1. Thor

16. Deadpool

8. Colossus

9. Nightwing

5. Blackbolt

12. Batgirl

4. Captain Marvel

13. Black Panther

6. Rogue

11. Nightcrawler

3. Thing

14. Cable

7. Storm

10. Namor

2. Green Lantern

15. Hawkeye

Tournament Play will begin Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thor IS a god.

Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Strange > Thing.

That being said, love the concept & all > me for knowing any of this.

-Raubert's friend (Sincere)

Thorzul said...

I agree with the Thor comment. I've seen other tournaments like this, and Thor often comes out on top, once people start using reason to determine the matchups. Plus, he has that little girl from "Adventures in Babysitting" in his corner, so there's that.

I particularly like the Daredevil/Rorschach first round matchup. Normally, I'd say Rorschach would take it easy on the heroes, but in this case I'm sure he'd love to take his aggression out on a blind guy.

Tony Brown said...

I suppose the description I was looking for was "cosmic entity" not god. Thor remains in the tournament.