Monday, March 29, 2010

Comic Book Bracket - Metropolis Region

Metropolis Region

This region does not look quite as daunting as the last two, but certainly promises some great battles. I'm looking forward to second round match-ups Thing/Rouge and Blackbolt/Captain Marvel. Woo!

Round 1

1. Thor vs. 16. Deadpool

Deadpool is a likable character and may be under-seeded, but Thor will blow him out of the water.

Winner: Thor

8. Colossus vs. 9. Nightwing

Another interesting 8/9 match-up here, one that could go either way, and again, a nice DC/Marvel Battle. We have already seen in this tournament that power isn't everything, and I question whether Colossus would be willing to deliver the killing blow. Dick Grayson is one of the best characters in comics, at the very least, one of the most underrated. He learned from Batman, so there is no way he is going down in the first round, c'mon people.

Winner: Nightwing

5. Blackbolt vs. 12. Hawkman

The 5/12 upset? Nope. We already had that one. Blackbolt is only a 5 seed because he lives on the moon. Media has a huge earth bias, never stays up to watch battles on the moon.

Winner: Blackbolt

4. Captain Marvel vs. 13 Black Panther

Captain Marvel may not be too well known, but he is a powerful cat, think of him as maybe a Keith Van Horn led Utah. The wisdom of Solomon; the strength of Hercules; the stamina of Atlas; the power of Zeus; the courage of Achilles; and the speed of Mercury. The Black Panther is the first black superhero, so you know he has come out on top against some incredible odds. I'm pretty sure Captain Marvel has beaten Superman in the past, so…

Winner: Captain Whitebread

3. Thing vs. 14. Cable

An interesting match here. We know the Thing will win, but Cable will inflict some pain before all is said and done. Lots of guns. Lots of punches.

Winner: Thing

6. Rogue vs. 11. Nightcrawler

I like the X-man vs. X-man battles. Some feel Rogue is a sleeper at 6, but she has never really showed anything else but brute power. Her skill set – super strength, flight, and power draining – is impressive, but does she have the brains to excel in this tournament? Not sure. I do like Nightcrawler, but I much more like the prospect of Rogue absorbing his powers, turning blue and some crazy flying, teleporting, punching action.

Winner: Rogue

7. Storm vs. 10. Namor the Sub- Mariner

We have another king of the sea here against the weather controlling X-Man. I'm sure people have put Aquaman up against Namor before, but this may be a first time match up. Lots of variables. How does Lightning effect water? Will it hurt Namor? Will his control of water and the seas overpower Storm's? This is definitely a match-up I would like to see. In the end, Storm will come out on top because of her Mohawk and Namor's weird ankle wings.

Winner: Storm

2. Green Lantern vs. 15. Hawkeye

I don't know the full extent of Green Lantern's powers, but I know they are a bit stronger than Hawkeye's arrows.

Winner: Green Lantern

Round 2

1. Thor vs. 9. Nightwing

Well, this matchup could be a good rehearsal for Thor is indeed he makes it all the way to the final against Batman. Nightwing is a Batman Jr, but a little more in touch with humanity and normality. He will frustrate Thor for a good chunk of time. Thor will have to bust out Mjöllnir to settle things down. And yes, this is the first time (maybe surprisingly) that I have mention Mjöllnir in this blog. Grayson's savvy and tricks and traps will only work for so long.

Winner: Thor

4. Captain Marvel vs. 5. Blackbolt

Damn, this is hot second round matchup. Two participants that might not get enough love. This match actually starts with Shazam played by Shaq, or is that Kazam? Either Way Shaq is present and Blackbolt is confused. The battlebegins by Captain Marvel asking Blackbolt for the time. After asking a few times without answer, Marvel gets infuriated. Shazam, a punch-fest begins. These two are really going at it- on the ground, in the air, in the water. Shazam gets the upper hand, and Blackbolt finally says in his mountain shattering voice, "Time for you to die". The resulting force knocks both fighters out. Think WWF match when both wrestlers are unconscious and you are waiting for the first one to come to. This one will last as while. Blackbolt is the first to arwise, being a bit more acclimated to his voice. He is about to pin Marvel when Shaq comes in with a steel chair! Knocking out Blackbolt. The king of the Inhumans is laid out. Marvel places an arm on him. 1-2-3!

Winner: Captain Marvel

3. Thing vs. 6 Rogue

A slugfest indeed. But do to the grotesque nature of the Thing and his thick hide, Rogue will not absorb his powers. So it will just be a fist fight. Rogue will often times seem to have the upper hand, but the Thing will not go down. His resolve will win the day.

Winner: Thing

2. Green Lantern vs. 7. Storm

Storm has no yellow on her costume.

Winner: Green Lantern

Sweet Sixteen

1. Thor

Affiliation: Avengers, Norse gods

Big Wins: many times versus Loki, Ultron, Kang, Bet-Ray Bill

Bad Losses: Ragnarok

Claim to fame: Golden locks, impressive hammer, Olde English speech patterns

NCAA Equivalent: 2004 Duke


2. Captain Marvel

Affiliation: Justice League, Justice Society

Big Wins: Superman in Kingdom Come

Bad Losses: Coolness over the years, many comic series

Claim to Fame: Shazam! Captain Whitebread

Battle: There is lots of fire power for these two, but Thor will have much more. Marvel is still beat up from Blackbolt, whereas Thor didn't expend too much energy in his first two matches. The crowd is pulling for the underdog Marvel, but he can't conjure up his future elseworlds Kingdom Come self.

Winner: Thor

3. Thing

Affiliation: Fantastic Four

Big Wins: Dr. Doom, Hulk, Galactus

Bad Losses: Human appearance, true love to the Human Torch then to the Silver Surfer, title of The Strongest Man in the Marvel Universe to the Hulk.

Claim to Fame: "The everloving blue-eyed Thing, idol of millions, 'nuff said"

NCAA Equivalent: 2002 Maryland


2. Green Lantern

Affiliation: Justice League, Justice Society

Big Wins: Zero Hero?

Bad Losses: Zero Hour? Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner's haircut

Claim to fame: Power Ring

NCAA Equivalent: 2006 UCLA

Battle: The Green Lantern has never really lived up to his potential, even when Hal Jordan was the Spectre. His powers are inconsistent. The Thing is much smarter and crafty than he leads on. He will wear yellow and not allow himself to lose.

Winner: Thing