Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Real American Heroes

Sorry for the lack of posts. Starting tomorrow I will have internet again where I live.
Starting August 8th there will be a lot of Olympic posts.
Starting August 9th I will be back on the bus, so look for a lot of updates there.

Here are some pictures of G.I. Joes I remember from my childhood. These are pretty old school and were most likely my brother's. And were not quite pristine when I played with them.

Snow Job- Be weary when you google image search "snow job". You get a lot of weird/almost funny pictures involving snow and jobs. I'm pretty sure we had this one, and lost it by the time I was like 7. I see a little resemblance to Jim Gatner and even more so, the DB EPA guy from Ghostbusters. That guy was the DEFINITION of douche-bag.

Road Block- Definitely stuck around the toy bucket for a long time. I remember the backpack and gun, but like most weapons, they got lost in the shuffle over the years. Thumbs broke, rubber band broke, body and legs had to be glued together, I think the legs fell off too, so last I remember, this guy had trouble moving.

Blow Torch- another lifer in the toy bucket. I think this guy may have stayed around the longest. He ended up thumbless, wore-down and the last G.I. Joe standing.

Dr. Mindbender - I belielve this may be the first one that was actually mine and not my brother's. But really, look at that picture. I don't need to say more.

Apparently none of these classics are in the new live action G.I. Joe movie, but Mr. Eko from lost is Heavy Duty, which is a modern day rip off of Roadblock.

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