Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Most Obscure US Presidents

Time for Family Feud.
This week's topic, Most Obscure US Presidents

7. James K. Polk -
one of those post founding fathers/pre-civil war guys. Campaign slogan was "54/40 or Fight", think it had to do with parallels.

6. Chester A. Arthur- Had very nice facial hair. Elementary school was the location of a bomb in the third Die Hard movie

5. Millard Fillmore- Was recently mentioned in a car commercial, otherwise would be one or two.

4. Franklin Pierce - Supposedly voted the 2nd best looking president next to JFK. Judge for yourself. Couldn't tell you a thing he did in office.

3. Benjamin Harrison - in that post civil war/pre 1900's group. Nice beard, usually confused with William Henry

2. Rutherford B. Hayes - Similar to B. Harrison, not much else I can say.

1. John Tyler - Who? Yep, that's why he's number one. Most of these names will ring a bell, but not Tyler. Bonus for anyone who can tell me SOMETHING he did in office.

I used this category twice in my games. Usually people are upset when they say like Zachary Taylor or James Buchanan or Calvin Coolidge, but in truth, my list is sound. I can tell you reasons why all unlisted Presidents are not on the list. Obscure.


Thorzul said...

John Tyler looks amazingly like Ichabod Crane from the Disney cartoon.

This will be the first of many comments I will make on this post.

steve said...

Tyler...of Tippecanoe and Tyler Too to what he did in office, can't do much to help you there