Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Soccer player facial scars

Well, I watch a lot of European football (soccer). My friends and I noticed that some excellent players have rather blatant facial scars, and I'm not talking about pock-marked like Mark McGuire, I'm talking legitimate, disfiguring scars. I saw the most obvious one today when watching France. Before the game I told my brother that this players hideous face would lead France to victory. Unfortunately, he got injured in the 10th minute. Anyway, here are my Top 3 soccer facial scars. Yes, a very random list to have, but you'll understand after seeing it.

#3 Carlos Tevez-
Scar- burn marks on neck and chest.
Story behind scar- Tévez has a distinctive burn mark from his right ear, down his neck to his chest. This occurred when he was ten months old while he was exploring his mother’s kitchen floor and he inadvertently pulled a kettle of boiling water over himself. This caused third-degree burns to the right side of his face, neck and chest and left him in intensive care for almost two months. Today, the scars are a highly visible feature of Tévez, who did not get them fixed because he was playing in a junior football team. He refused an offer from his then club, Boca Juniors, to have them cosmetically improved, saying that the scars were a part of who he was in the past and who he is today.
My take- Pretty gross, but not that bad. I feel it may not be the first thing you see. If you saw him on the street you would not turn away in disgust.

#2 Jolean Lescott-
scar- forehead and hairline
story- not as clear on this one- car accident when we was about 5 years old, apparently got run over.
my take- At first I thought he might just have a strange hair style, but that's a scar. I also affectionately call him flat-top, as he is the player of the year for my favorite team Everton. He looks weird, but plays very, very well. He scores a lot of headers, so the scar produces no ill effects.

#1 Franck Ribery-
scar- entire right side of face
story- When Ribéry was two years old, he and his family were involved in a serious automobile accident in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in which his face got trapped within the door, leaving two long scars down the right side of his face.
My take- From far away it looks like a horrible hairstyle, from up close, it's pretty scary. I could just imagine approaching him from the back or normal side, and then him turning around. I think it would be much like when Billy Madison figure out what it meant when his buddy had an accident. "Gooooooooo" Pretty hideous indeed. He is the aforementioned player if you did not yet figure that out. Still an amazing player, though, and he has a decent looking wife.

There you go, another meaningless list. Maybe I'll try to post something more ascetically pleasing next time.

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Tevez has a massive head.