Monday, June 2, 2008


Is it wrong that I'm 24 years-old and still get excited about Kool-Aid? I hope not.
Kool-Aid is still great. It got me through many a summer. It got me through some lean financial years in college. It helped nurse me through many post-drinking-deathly-dry-throat-mornings. I even kept it real through my hating on Kool-Aid roommates during my volunteer year. I thought that this year, living at a ranch in Montana, would be prime Kool-Aid drinking days. But that is not the case. Lots of crystal-lite. Shoot. Until yesterday. I was entrusted with the company card to pick up some food, and came back with the capabilities to make 10 gallons of Kool-Aid. Yes. And I'd say 90% of the people I live with were genuinely happy with this purchase. I do it for the kids.
Best Flavors: I think it old school - orange, grape, tropical punch or orange, purple, red if you like.
Kids: keep it real, drink Kool-Aid, and as much sugar as you want.
Parents: Give your kids the good stuff. Look how great we turned out.
Tip: don't go with imitation. It has to be Kool-Aid. Wylers or Roundies or whatever, not even close to the same.
That's my wisdom for the day.


Thorzul said...

Here were two five-syllable flavors:
Purplesaurus Rex -- Excellent!
Sharkleberry Finn -- Nasty!

steve said...

if you want to go real old school, I remember apple

tmars said...

i just made raspberry slush, which calls for 3 packages of raspberry kool-aid, which isn't out anymore. in the past, i've had to use "roarin' raspberry cranberry", and today i settled for 2 packs of "invisible raspberry" and one pack of cherry (for the color).