Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World Cup Draw Update

Well, Fifa has finally announced their top seeds and I was pretty on with my analysis from the other day.
Here is a quote from my previous post "with the only possible variables would be the Netherlands or Portugal taking the place of England or France."
And guess what, I was correct. Fifa changed things up from what they usually and took the top 7 countries in the Fifa world rankings and The Netherlands has taken the place of France as the final top seed. Some are conjecturing that this is their response to the Henry handball, but I think it is just response to France playing poorly over the last two years and the Netherlands straight balling in the qualifying round.
One more thing, the US pot consisting of Mexico, Honduras, USA, New Zealand, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, and Japan will be the first pot drawn after the top seeds. I'm cool with that as it will make the draw even more exciting, as every team pick will now matter rather than just the last round.
Perfect scenario for Group A - South Africa, USA, Uruguay, Slovenia

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