Monday, December 21, 2009

The End of Christmas?

Christmas has faced many assaults over the years - people not believing, blizzards, Tim Allen, martians, vampires, Muslims, naughty children, the Grinch, Uncle Scrooge, Albert Mouse, commercialism - threatening the very existence of this great holiday. Despite these numerous obstacles, Santa and the Christmas Spirit has always prevailed.
But now Christmas is facing its deadliest potential crisis - GLOBAL WARMING!! Dun-Dun
Yes as you know, Santa is based at the North Pole, and the polar ice caps are melting at an alarmingly high rate. Check out this report And the Arctic ice caps at the North Pole are entirely over the ocean. They have no land mass like the South Pole, thus Santa's workshop and and Christmasland will cease to exist. No more elves, toys, and presents all because our because our massive use of fossil fuels and Chlorofluorocarbons are speeding up the greenhouse effect and depleting the ozone layer. I saw one report that some scientists are predicting the northern ice caps will be completely gone by 2017. Uh-oh. Bye Bye Santa. Bye Bye Christmas.