Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Making my second trip to Wrigley Field tonight for the game today and tomorrow. Two meaningless games for both teams. Remember last year how fun the Brewers were. So exciting. Now, nothing. I think about half my posts in Sept and October last year were on the Brewers. Man. 2009, not so hot. Bring back CC! I will have my CC shirt on tonight just for good measure.
Don't worry my friends and I will still rep hard for Milwaukee. Should be a fun time. I have to admit I do like Wrigleyville.

So, turns out I went to the right games of the series. Lots of runs. A Jody Gerut grand slam. Wow! Wins by Looper and Bush. The stadium wasn't too hype due to both teams doing poorly. Last time I was there it was a tight race and I was in the bleachers, so the atmosphere was much more dope.
Cubs fans LOVE cheering for fly balls. Do they think they will be home runs?
Lots of Brewer fans around. That is cool. The "Miller Park South" shirts were nice.
Best part was my group of friends singing Roll Out the Barrel after Take me out to the ball game. A few other Brewer fans joined in, but it was mostly just us. We got lots and lots of boos. Pretty nice. We went to their place and did our thing. Brewers!

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