Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I want to experience again for the first time

I had a friend in Montana who said multiple times that if he had a time machine he would go back in time and watch Back to the Future again without knowing what happens. That is a strong call-out. Then a while later I happened on this article from the AV Club of the Onion pretty much asking what would you like to be able to see or hear again for the first time. That is a pretty simple, but complicated question and really got me thinking. Here are things I wish I could experience again for the first time without any knowledge of them. I took the route of how could I make these things better, rather than what were my best experiences. Make sense?
Here we go.
Packers' Super Bowl run - It's not that I didn't appreciate this, it's just that I was only in 7th grade and probably would have enjoyed it more being a bit older.
The Wonder Years - I was just a bit to young for this. I watched it, but wasn't really mature enough to get everything or identify totally with Kevin.
Jaws - lots of these movies will be classic ones from my youth that I watched over and over again, still great every time I watch them, but I can't even imagine what the first time would've been like, not knowing how things were gonna play out
Ghostbusters - Ditto
Star Wars - again, watched it so many times, don't really know what the first time would be like
Planet of the Apes - "The movie or the planet?" Epic.
Badgers Rose Bowls and Final Four Run - this is more of the case of "I wish I was in college when..." I can't image how awesome it would be.
Fantastic Four (pretty much the entire John Byrne run) -
I can't imagine what it would be like reading these issues once a month as they came out. By the time I got to them they were already part of FF legend. Plus, getting them later it was harder to get the better issues, so I had to read them out of order. Specifically issues 242-244, 236, 285, and 267. I already knew the major shocks by the time I read them.
Seinfeld- I was just too young to get much of the sexual and relationship humor, but that made seeing reruns much more enjoyable. Kind of similar to the Simpsons, but as I said before, the best episodes were great when I first saw them, when I saw them in syndication, and when I saw them on the DVDs.
Cider House Rules and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - I would've liked to read these books without seeing the movie first, a couple of many more like that
Harry Potter - I read the first one in high school but then didn't pick them back up until summer of 07 after seeing the 4th movie.
And I had already seen the 2nd movie, so I skipped that book. And by the time I was really getting into the meat of the series, that last book was already out, Dumbledore was out of the closet, and a few other things were already known. But I am happy to say that I was never one of the people camping out overnight and dressing up as a wizard or something.

And here is a list of things I would like to experience again for the first time, but not change anything about it.
Lost - I have had the pleasure of watching LOST both on DVD and waiting week to week. Both are good, but I think the anticipation might make it better.
Survivor- Ok, I'm thinking back to season 1 and 2 and some other good ones in the middle. Again, watching week to week is great, knowing you were part of something special

The Office - I never got into the Office until Season 3 when it was at its best. I was still learning about the characters in their funniest, best moments. Plus I can see occasional old episodes which are new to me.
Jurassic Park - I was probably 10 when this came out, pretty much the perfect age. Loved it and still love it

Independence Day - Vastly underrated, saw it when I was 12 I think, perfect.
Breaking Away - Yes.

There is my list of thing I would like to experience again for the first time. Adding your own thoughts/things you want to experience again is greatly encouraged.


Thorzul said...

Being five years older than you, I got the good end of all of those sports experiences. The Super Bowl happened when I was a senior in high school, and right at the same time the Star Wars Trilogy (original) was being re-released. Awesome!
The Final Four, kicking a hole in my apartment wall when it looked like Wisconsin might cough it up to Purdue in the Elite Eight, following the first two rounds from Acapulco on Spring Break... good times.
The two Rose Bowl runs were sweet. Ron Dayne breaking the rushing record, everyone in Camp Randall holding up his "32" towel, Dayne seeing his name go up on the facade and saying he wanted to reach out and touch it.

To add, I kind of wish I could go in fresh to Caddyshack. If I think of more, I will post.

Tony Brown said...

Reading the Stand without having seen the movie many, many years earlier would have been better.