Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost Thoughts

The new TV season has begun, so I thought I'd give you a little Lost post, as it won't be back until January. Boo.
Um, Lost and lists, two of my favorite things. I will put them together. Here is my list of top 5 Lost Characters
Top 5 Lost Character (Pre-Season 5)

1. Desmond - Desmond is the man. No doubt. He was present for all the great episodes -the premiere and finale of season two, and for most of the best he was the main character - "Flashes Before Your Eyes, Catch-22, and when I hadn't yet seen season 4, I remember everyone telling me I needed to see "The Constant" and it didn't disappoint.
He is a cool, serious guy. He can get drunk with you or talk philosophically. I think he brings important balance, someone outside of the Oceanic 815 survivors and the Others. I even downloaded Mama Cass's "Make Your Own Kind of Music" due in large part to Desmond.
2. Daniel - Great addition to the show. I was skeptical with the addition of more new characters in season 4, but I enjoy Daniel, Charlotte, Frank, and Miles. Daniel is obviously the best of them. He has humanity and a bit of compassion. Every time he is on screen, you want to know more about him, you want to see more of him. Skinny tie. Super genius who can't remember anything. Present in "The Constant" and you just root for this guy.
3. Bernard - Just a minor character, but I really like Bernard. He only had one flash-back episode, but he is just a normal guy. Him and Rose are great. I really liked when he kicked butt in the finale of Season 3 and when he was talking to Jin about relationships.
4. Mr. Eko - Eko was a favorite for a while, then he died. I think he had less than a season on the show, but he was a great character. He pretty much dominated everyone that came against him. His beat stick was great. He was a priest (sort of) and his whole redemption story line was great. Someone I would want on my side. Then the Smoke Monster got him. Shoot
5. Sayid- Yeah, don't really need to say much about this guy. Awesome. Smart. Killer. I liked the whole working with Ben thing in Season 4. Interesting twist.

Top 5 Lost Characters (Post Season 5)

1. Daniel - Yep, after season 5, Daniel has taken over the top spot. He was really a main character during the entire season. Pretty much everyone looked to him to solve their problems. His loss of Charlotte was pretty sad stuff. He took on Alpert and the old others. We learned a bit more about his past, then he got killed. Damn. I hope he is back.
2. Desmond - Yep, dropped down to number 2. He just wasn't in the show enough. He did try to help, but was more concerned about his family. Boo.
3. Richard Alpert - A new addition to the list. Alpert is much like Daniel - everytime he is on screen you want more of him. There is still a large mystery to the character, which leaves you wanting more. Why doesn't he age? Why is he on the island? Why does he wear eyeliner? Why the name? I also like the fact that he seems to be neither a good guy or a bad guy.
There is much more to be revealed about Richard. And I'm ready to see it.
4. Mr. Eko - Still strong after being dead for 3 seasons.
5. Miles - I wasn't sure about Miles at first. I thought he could be a much better character, and he still can, but season 5 gave us a bit more about him. Lots of potential. The whole him being the son of Dr. Candle was kind of weird. His powers are cool, but again, like always for Lost, you want to know more about him.

A few other things. I used to really like Jack, but he has gone down steadily since the end of season two. Sawyer is now honorable mention. Unlike Jack, he has been moving up steadily over the years, especially season 5 when he was the leader of his little band, and away from Jack and Kate.

Let me know who you like best.

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