Thursday, February 19, 2009

More LOST Randomness

I got a special treat today, got to see two new (to me) episodes of LOST. I missed last weeks and didn't get a chance to watch it online. I'll comment more on the new one from today than the one from last week.
Last week's was cool, but also predictable. Nothing too new happened, except for the return of Christian and Locke turning the wheel. It was also graphic - pulled off arm, rotting arm and bodies, and compound fracture, man. Still intrigued about The Temple.
Today's episode really sped things up. Normally, I do not like and episode that does not primarily take place on the island, but this was an exception. Also, Daniel's mother was very unLOSTesque, thatwhole part of the story. She was revealed in the season premier, I think that was how the show ended, but there really wasn't much to her character tonight. The whole just-go-on-the-plane-and-see-what-happens is very unlike LOST. No explanation needed I guess.
But it was exciting to see who would actually be on the plane.
And per LOST usual, more and more questions are brought forth.
What happened to the plane?
What happened to Ben? Who was his friend?
Why/how did Hurley, Kate, and Sayid come on the plane?
Who made it to the island?
Will Desmond somehow get back too?
Why was Jin in the Van?

Well, I'll give some speculative answers to some of these questions.
I'm guessing Kate came due to something to do with Claire, probably seeing her again.
Hurley most likely was told by Charlie, hence the guitar case.
Sayid was probably arrested for something set up by Ben.
I'm not sure why Ben has such injuries.
I'm pretty sure the entire Oceanic 5 (boo to Aaron) plus Ben and Frank will be on the island. The more characters the better.
And as for the end of the episode, it looks like the island and people have stopped "flashing" through time, due to Locke's pushing the frozen donkey wheel, and have been stuck somewhere/sometime in the 1970s. This would explain Jin in the Dharma van, put an end to the problem of "flashing" nosebleed sickness, and link it back to the first scene of this season. Remember Daniel and Dr. Candle and Daniel?
At the least, they have been stuck somewhere long enough to get jobs and be part of Dharma.
And it's clear the writers are speeding things up, putting people back together again.

Oh, it's all so interesting. I'm excited to see Locke back, and what that is all about.
Good deal.


Daniel said...

Once you start bloggin about LOST episodes you've gone too far. You need a job. Or at least something more interesting to blog about. Go back to blogging about football or NCAA basketball.

Tony Brown said...

Damn, you got me there.
How about Simpsons Episodes?
I feel it is legit as long as it is part of a countdown.