Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wrapping up the Bus

So the bus tour has ended. It was the most frequent thing I wrote about on this blog. By far. It was one of the few primary sources of info I had, so I hoped you like it. Anyone can write about sports or movies, but who else would tell you about the nightlife and people in places like Joplin, Missouri or Oneonta, New York?

We ended in DC, Philly, and Baltimore. The culmination of the tour of kind of disappointing. Not many people and little, little media.
I was glad to be done with it.
I think in the end the bus went 40,000+ miles, traveled to 45 states (sorry Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming.)
The best part was just talking to tons of different people - dumb college girls, old racist white people, excited first time voters, small town reporters trying to make their big break, foreigners, people who love Project Vote Smart.
The travel was great too. Missouri, then Oklahoma, then Colorado, then Utah, then California.
Traveling does make me appreciate Wisconsin much more, though.
Doing interview was very cool too. I got pretty good at it. Seeing yourself on TV give you a big head, but still cool.
Another perk was seeing friends I normally would not have the chance to see in D.C, San Francisco, Philly, San Jose, Ithaca, CT, Chicago, Oregon
I won't miss public toilets, fast food, sleeping on the floor, living out of a suitcase, Wal-mart parking lots, waking up too cold or too hot.
But still, definitely much better than an office job.

Best Places: BYU, Reno (I won money), Santa Barbara (beautiful), Oklahoma (pretty fun), Notre Dame, Evansville
Worst Places: Yuma, AZ (hot), Washington University in St. Louis (wins award for worst students, people) DC (we had a few days where we talk to single digit people, St. Paul (protesters), Tacoma, Binghamton
Most Random: Flea market outside of Sacramento, outside a grocery store in Yakima, WA, Buffalo Wild Wings in between Ithaca and Syracuse (literally in the middle of farm fields)

Yes, so it's been a fun year. I definitely know I am privileged to travel to all over this great country and get paid for it. Not bad. Yeo!

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