Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worst Simpsons Characters

I was watching the tele the other day and one of my friends commented on how there wasn't a single character he disliked on Scrubs. Well, I'm not a Scrubs fan, but I thought right away that there are some Simpson's characters I don't like. Not many, but a few. Here they are.

If you hang around most people for enough times, you find things that are annoying and that you dislike about them. The Simpsons are the same way, and yes, I have spent a lot of time with them.
This is why support characters - Hans Moleman, Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Groundskeeper Willie - are so great, you don't get sick of them.
So the following characters have multiple occurrences of me not liking them:
Patty and Selma
Grandpa (very close to a general dislike)
Sherri and Terri
Disco Stu
Chief Wiggum
and, sorry kids, but Ralph Wiggum is a bit over-rated as well.

Now onto the list of characters I generally dislike and never want to see them on the show again.
In no particular order.

The College Nerds - They were part of a good episode and helped Homer pass, but they sucked and should never appear again, especially when such a great, nerdy, underused character like Database is out there.

Lunch lady Doris - Yeah, not a fan. I can't think of any redeeming qualities or something funny to say.

Gil - I guess Gil and his constant failure can be endearing to some. I am not included in that group.

The Rich Texan - I think the best thing he brought to the Simpsons was Tomacco, and that is not saying much. Ah, Texas.

Agnes Skinner - I enjoy her son, but not her. She needs to give him some space!
She almost totally redeems herself with her voice appearance in the classic steamed hams skit.

Now I don't hate any of these characters, but I could do without them. Let me know if there are any I missed.


Thorzul said...

I agree with all of these choices except Gil. Perhaps you need to see "Glengarry Glen Ross." Gil is well modeled after Jack Lemmon's character Shelley Levine. Personally, I love his failure.

Daniel said...

I agree with whoever Thorzul is. Gil is a great homage to a great play/movie. I also like lunchlady Doris. She's got some great lines too (more testicles mean more iron). Finally, while Ms. Skinner is annoying and has been overuses she is necessary. Without her you have no explanation of who Skinner is or what makes him the way he is. I also love it when they give her really mean lines because it validates my belief that most old people suck and are just bitter towards life. I will make it my life goal to be a jolly old person.

Daniel said...

I realize I already posted something, but I forgot my key point. Homer has been overdone to death. Through the shows golden years he became the shining star of the show. With Bart the early fan favorite Homer gradually stole the limelight with his dim-witted, everyman humor. The shows best times and best episodes frequently have Homer carrying it. However, as the show got older and much much worse they increasingly leaned on Homer to provide bottom line humor. They have him doing and saying such ridiculously stupid things now that it's almost difficult to watch. They killed perhaps one of the greatest TV characters ever by making him dumber and dumber. The shows use of Homer over the last few seasons has led to me nearly shedding tears. I don't even remember what other points I was going to make regarding this because I am so dissapointed.