Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So it's been a week since there's been a post. Wow. Long time.
Let's see, what has happened since then?

CC dominated the Big Dunc election. He has many donuts coming his way if he stays with the Brew Crew. I admire the solitary person that voted for John McCain. Way to keep it real. But our readers have spoken, "We WANT CC." Yes we do, sorry Barack, baseball is more important than the economy or health care or the Iraq war. I need to send this link to the Brewers and to CC.

In other less significant news, Barack Obama has been elected the next President of the United States.

On our drive back from the East Coast, we got stuck in South Dakota due to bad weather. The first night we had to stop in Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the Corn Palace. The second night we had to stop in Murdo, South Dakota, even smaller than Mitchell.

I'm currently reading The Stand. I have seen the TV movie a while back, but have never read it. I got the book in August, but hadn't got to it until a few weeks ago. Watching interviews from the creators of LOST made me want to read it. And I had lots of time on my hands being on the bus and stuck in SD. (I had already finished Seasons 3 of LOST and The Office.) But yeah, it's pretty good.
But the actor that played Harold in the TV movie was also in the show Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
Wow, I would be willing to bet that that show has not crossed anyone's mind in at least 8 years.
What happened to it? Does anyone know what it was about? Wow, these are important questions.

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Thorzul said...

Yeah, I haven't thought about Corin Nemic in about eight years or so.
By the way, is The Stand the Complete and Uncut edition. That's really the only way to go.