Monday, November 15, 2010

Survivor Update: Worst Season Ever?

So, by the third episode of this season's Survivor I knew it would be a contender for "Worst Survivor Season Ever". In many episodes little to nothing happens. There have been no big twists or changes in the game. There are no super likeable people. There really is no one to root for. Watch out Survivor Fiji, Survivor Nicaragua may be coming for your title of "Worst Survivor Season Ever".

To be fair, it is hard to follow up the great All-Star season and the Russell season, but still, something interesting has to happen. I was pulling for "One-leg Kelly". I liked Alina (Ginger, attractive, played the game, cowboy boots, good at challenges) and Marty was defintely entertaining and one of the people that made the show watchable.
A few other supporting factors. How is Dan still there? When will Kelly Purple contribute something of substance to the show or the tribe? She is cute, but man, lifeless. The Challenges have been good for the most part, but never close.

I guess for the rest of the show I'll be rooting for Jud/Fabio, dude is the only entertaining/likeable one left. But after Marty's attempt to make a bold move, I really don't see the game going any other way. The Sash/Brenda/Naonka/Chase alliance with lackies Jane and Holly and Kelly will just be too strong for Fabio and Benry. It will really take something drastic to make this and exciting, likeable season. Maybe this is what they get for doing Young vs. Old and having Jimmy Johnson on the show, but I'll watch anyways.

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