Friday, October 29, 2010

Goodbye Elena

Some news today on the ESPN ticker caught my eye. It was sad news that many of you may have missed. Elena Dementieva has retired from tennis.

I was pretty shocked by this as she is only 29 and still in the top 10. Elena was always the best player never to win a major. She was never the main draw of the WTA, not because of her game, but because of the way she carried herself. She did not want the spotlight or the hype, even though it could have, and rightfully, been hers. She was everything the game needs - intense, honest, honorable, funny, competitive, cosmopolitan. One thing lacking along with the Grand Slam title, a swimsuit issue appearance.

I got to see her in person at Wimbledon, and she is stunning. Even better when she lets her hair down, which she rarely does. You don't think of Dementieva in terms of looks to be up there with Sharapova and Kournikva, but she is. I got a great picture of her serving at Wimbledon on court #3. I even submitted it for a photo contest. Stunning.

Elena, you will be missed. You will be fondly remembered here at Big Dunc. Thanks for what you brought to the game. Maybe teach Brett a thing or two while you're at it.

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