Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup - Final Predictions

Well, you've seen my group previews and players to watch. Now, I guess to humor ,readers I'll give my predictions for the entire tournament. You must realize this is even more imprecise than picking the group winners or even picking the NCAA tournament. One team getting first instead of second totally changes the brackets and the matchups, but we'll look at it for fun anyways.

Round of 16

Netherlands vs. Paraguay
winner: Netherlands

Brazil vs. Switzerland
Easy draw for the Brazilians
Winner: Brazil

Mexico vs. South Korea
Would be an interesting game, maybe decided by penalties
Winner: Mexico

England vs. Australia
Very Anglo game that I think would be closer than people expect.
Winner: England

Germany vs. USA
Rematch of 2002 quarterfinal, again the Germans edge out the Americans
Winner: Germany

Argentina vs. France
Awesome 2nd round match up. For some reason, I see France doing similar to last cup, barley getting out of the group, then bringing it together in knockout play
Winner: France

Italy vs. Denmark
I think the Danes are better than any team in Italy's group. Look for a 1-0 or 0-0 game.
Winner: Denmark

Spain vs. Portugal
The Iberian battle, and a great 2nd round matchup.
Winner: Spain


Netherlands vs. Brazil
Well, this is my upset pick. I think the Dutch can take Brazil on the counter.
Winner: Netherlands

England vs. Mexico
Interesting match here, but I think England would take this one rather easily.
Winner: England

Germany vs. France
Great traditional matchup here. I'd be a toss up. Both teams aren't as strong as they were in '06 and have a few holes, but I think the Germans are stronger overall.
Winner: Germany

Spain vs. Denmark
Nice draw here for the Spanish. I see it similar to Italy/Australia in '06
Winner: Spain


Netherlands vs. England
Fun game for the neutrals. I think the English are stronger player for player and could shut down the Dutch attack
Winner: England

Germany vs. Spain
Another match up of traditional powers. I think Spain has too much strength at every position and will take advantage of the young German team.
Winner: Spain

Champion: Spain
Spain versus England would be fun. I think Torres and Villa would be too much for the England defense, especially with Xavi and Iniesta picking apart Lampard and Gerrard. Might be fun to see England lose on penalties again.

Just one of many, many possibilities.

Analysis of My Analysis:
From the look of my picking it looks like I went with my heart in picking Australia, and maybe the Netherlands and England to do so well, but otherwise, I think I was rather neutral.
It also looks like I have underestimated the South American teams, the second tier ones in the group stages and the top tier ones in the knockouts. It could be due to lack of exposure.
I also do not rate the African teams. I'll be rooting hard for Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast to go through, but I think the injuries to Mikel, Drogba, and Essien are huge.
Lots of stuff is a toss up. I'm not too worried about my predictions come through, more worried about seeing great football and seeing team USA advance.

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