Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup - Days 6 and 7

1. Spain falters - This is by far the biggest surprise of the tournament. Spain are the odds makers favorites in Europe and the odds on number two in the US and Big Dunc's pick to win it all. They looked alright, but couldn't break down the Switzerland defense. What happens if Switzerland gets two wins or a win and a draw in their remaining games?
Spain/Brazil 1st knockout round. Yes! I still stand by my pick by the way.

2. France is bad - Seriously, the French players almost all play at the most elite clubs in Europe, yet they lose to a slightly above average Mexican team - definitely the case of France being bad rather than Mexico being good. That is not good. No creativity, no target man, and no tackle winning defensive midfielder. Where is Claude Makelele when you need him?

3. Argentina - Dynamic on offense, but the defense is still not convincing to me, especially if Samuel is out for a while. But super fun to watch in attack - Messi, Tevez, Higuain, Di Maria - fun stuff indeed. I was hoping for Argentina/France in the second round, but that is not looking likely. I think all the Maradona drama is actually working for the players. All the attention is off them and they can do what they do best.

4. What were you thinking? - Sani Kaita, what an idiot. I understand red cards. I understand losing your cool when badly tackled, or constantly being hit after the whistle, receiving an inadvertent elbow, or even someone calling your mother a whore, but this play was nothing. Nothing really happened to him and he kicks out and pretty much dooms his team. If your gonna get a red card, earn it. Even the Zidane headbutt was better. You really let down Nigeria.
But don't sleep on the Super Eagles. They still have a chance. The Yak is hungry now, very hungry.

5. Host Team - Things are not looking good for South Africa. I think they are just not good enough for this tournament. They have a few fun players to watch, but will probably be bowing out early.

What to look for over the next couple days:

USA! USA! USA! USA! C'mon people, show your support. We need a win against Slovenia. I don't want to make any predictions, but this is one we should take.
Will Germany be as exciting and as dominate as their last game?
Who will start for England in the goal?
Can Ghana remain strong and be the African team?
Can Cameroon show any signs of life vs Denmark?

That's all I got for now. Not sure when the next update will be. Hopefully Saturday evening. Off work tomorrow to support the Yanks! C'mon!

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