Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Survivor Season 20

Well, just like Lost, my comic book tournament has led me to neglect Survivor, but now you get my stunning analysis of this season - Heroes vs. Villains.

I'm pretty sure I've stated multiple times that I don't like it when people on Survivor already know each other. That totally changes the game. All-Star seasons tend to focus entirely on strategy, as contestants think and rethink every possible outcome, and sometimes that is boring for the viewers. That being said, Mark Burnett and Survivor Producers know what they are doing. I'd say about 16 of the 20 Survivors have been perfectly cast. I like a lot of the cast members - Rob, Jerri, Coach, Tyson - a lot better than I did the first time around. This season has been solid, and has been very entertaining the last few weeks, starting with the Rob/Russell feud. The Heroes vs. Villains theme is working well too. Once the inferior players were out of the games, this one really heated up. I love the Heroes team of Colby, JT, Amanda, Candice, and Rupert. They really took over in challenges.
A couple things to point out.
-Rob passing out.
-James getting injured again.
-Coach crying.
-Tyson getting voted off due solely to his not following the plan.
-JT giving Russell the idol. Seriously? Wow. You have to conclude that none of the other contestants saw Russell's Samoa season.
-Parvati's double idol give away - best Survivor move ever? Yes. I think so. It starts with totally having Russell wrapped around her finger and giving her the idol. She keeps the second one secret. Then she assesses the situation perfectly, giving up both the idols to the Jerri and Sandra, the two players the Heroes have been contemplating voting off. Man, I think this puts her as the favorite for "Best Survivor Contestant Ever" not necessarily meaning she is favorite for this season. I'm hoping for Sandra to join up with the Heroes as it appeared in the previews.

Who's gonna take it home? I don't think Russell or Parvati will win it or past winner Sandra. Don't sleep on Danielle and Candice, both similar players, unremarkable the first time, and in good positions this year partially because of that and partially because of prowess in challenges. I could also see Candice flipping pretty easily, though. So, my predictions - Russell off next and some point down the line Candice and Amanda flipping to join Parvati and Danielle, leaving Colby, Rupert, and Jerri the odd people out. Though I am rooting for Rup and Colb.

Yes, so I am glad this is once again an entertaining season. I hope it remains that way. It has shown me that I would definitely not be a Survivor All-Star. These people are just crazy good at reading people, and then manipulating them.


Thorzul said...

I have a theory about an innate "fairness barometer" that I think Survivor contestants will abide by. I just can't see anyone winning for a second time, so long as there are other contestants in the finale who have not won yet. I think this will rule out Sandra and Parvati, and quite possibly Rupert, since he won a million dollars by a fan vote. People on the jury can barely stomach voting for someone to receive the money the first time around, and I can't see them making that choice a second time around. I can see this coming into play in the next few weeks, if the players start to realize it and act on it. The winner will most likely be Candice or Amanda.

Colby will turn off potential voters because of his razor blade commercial.

Tony Brown said...

4 blades!

Thorzul said...

Great prediction, Thorzul. Your likely winners were the next two voted off. The last few episodes should be interesting.