Friday, April 23, 2010

LOST Thoughts

So, I've been stuck in the lovely comic book world for a while and haven't had a chance to comment on the final season of Lost. As you know from numerous post, Lost of one of my favorite shows, one of the few I look forward to each week. I have to say without reservation that this season is disappointing. There have been a few episodes that I had trouble finishing because they were so slow or disjointed. Here are some of my critiques.

1. This season seems to be making all other seasons inconsequential or even moot.
Does it really what mattered in season two? Did Boone's death or Eko's death or Charlie's death really do anything? All the character development in seasons 1, 2, and 3 pretty much doesn't matter right now. It seems like it's all about Jacob and fake Locke and maybe a few other key characters. I don't think if Widmore had taken over the island that anything would have changed. It wouldn't have matter if the "Others" would have won against the Oceanic Survivors. Characters like Ben and Richard that for seasons seemed powerful important really don't matter anymore.
What's worse, it is pretty much forgetting the whole Oceanic Six story. All of season 4 was about getting off that island. Half of season 5 was about getting back to the island, and now they're trying to get off the island again. This repetition was not mentioned until Jack brought it up in the last episode. Also, all the time travel was pretty much forgotten, like it never happened. And, the temple and Dogen and the characters introduced in the first half of this season, who cares?

2. Sideways Reality - It's like a bad issue of Marvel's "What if..." and also reminds me of the Marvel Ultimate line. "Let's tell the same story again but alter it slightly and put one or two characters in different positions." I understand the idea of fate, and stressing that certain things are meant to happen regardless of circumstances, but do we really need to see Kate on the run again, Jack stressing over his father's death, Locke wrestling with his disability, Claire having issues with her baby? No not really. And we get it, the realities are connected. Like we didn't see that coming. Also, they really take away from the island story. Just when things are beginning to get interesting on the island, we spend way too long in the other reality.

3. Mysteries and mysteries revealed - I feel the story telling has changed over the years. Before viewers would be in the same shoes as the character - what is this island? this smoke monster? who are the others? But now I feel it's kind of different. The producers and writers are just playing with the audience, withholding information, giving false clues, producing mysteries and answers that do not evolve the plot. Before you could actually make educated guesses on what was happening and what was going to happen, kind of playing the detective. Now, that is really tough.
And, there is going to be tons of stuff that is not answered. That is a fact. And, even when stuff is revealed, it still is kind of lame and might not be the truth. Case in point - Christian was actually Flocke, Flocke is the smoke monster, Desmond was the package. Eh, there was not a real wow moment there.

Yeah, there you go. So, my love for Lost is fading. Only a few episodes left. I am confident that everything will be tied together, but that doesn't mean that these will be good episodes, even after the fact. My biggest example of this season's inferiority would be this season's Desmond Episode. It just wasn't very good compared to past Desmond episodes. He's already been been reunited with Penny twice. We've already seen him in a reality that he does not belong. It contained Desmond and Daniel, my two favorite characters, but still wasn't good.

Well, I'm done ranting. I'm confident the end will be cool, and hopefully I'll be made salty.


Thorzul said...

Totally agree with point #2. The only function of the sideways flashes, to me, was to reveal that each character, in whatever setting, remains true to their nature. Yes, they finally made a connection between this alternate reality and the "real" reality, but only in a "Hey, did you see that? See what we can do?" way. Otherwise, completely pointless.

Tony Brown said...
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