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Lost: Best Episodes Season 4

Lost Season 4 was an interesting one. Due to the writer's strike, there were only 14 episodes, with 3 of them being the season finale "There's No Place Like Home". I think this season was the most all over the place, lacking consistency. I can't even really come up with any true prolonged story lines. I guess the big themes were the Oceanic Six and figuring out what was up with the boat. Despite the lack of cohesion, and maybe because of it, there were some real strong individual episodes.

New Characters: Daniel, Miles, Lapidus, Charlotte, Matthew Abaddon, Keamy


4. Episode 2- Confirmed Dead

Island: Locke and Jack's groups have now split. Jack and Kate find Daniel and Miles and Lapidus and Locke finds Charlotte.

Flashback: Flashbacks of the "Freighter Folk" – Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank, Naomi

It's highly possible I like this episode because it focuses on the Island and not the Oceanic 6. I was very skeptical at first of introducing new characters to an already large character pool, but Daniel and Miles have since become two of my favorite characters. The short flashbacks were enough to give you an idea of the characters and leave you wanting to know more about them, especially Daniel, and rather quickly integrate these characters into the show.

3. Episode 7 - Ji Yeon

Island: Sun wants to go to Locke and his group because it's becoming clear that the freighter is not there to save the survivors of 815. To prevent them from leaving, Juliet tells Jin Sun had an affair.

Flashback/Flashforward: Interwoven flashforward of Sun having her baby and flashback of Jin running at errand to deliver a gift to the maternity ward for Mr. Paik

The best part of this episode is obviously the interplay between the flashback and flashforward. By this time the Oceanic Six has been relieved to be Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid and we know there are 6 of them. The flashes this season have been flashforwards, so we assume Jin and Sun made it back and Jin is rushing to get to the birth of his baby, not some random for Mr. Paik. This is a poor description-watch the ep if you can, but all of this is put together very well, and the big reveal in the end is that Jin is actually dead. Ouch.

Oh and Michael is revealed to be Ben's spy on the boat.

Episodes 12,13, 14 – There's No Place Like Home

Island: Lots – At the end of episode 12 everyone is all over the place, but then Kate, Sayid and the Others free Ben, Locke goes with Ben to move the island, the Oceanic 6 get to the boat just in time for it to blow up after Ben kills Keamy, Ben moves the island, the helicopter crashes and is picked up by Penny's boat, they decide to lie

Flashforward – The Oceanic 6 when they first get back and then When Jack wants to go back and is met by Ben at Jeremy Benthum's (Locke) casket.

Ok, lots of shit going on in this episode, much like season finales of season's 2 and 3. One of the cool things is that we already know who the Oceanic 6 are, but at the beginning of this episode, they are all in different places with different people who are not in the Oceanic 6, so you are really wondering how things work out. Things were actually tied up pretty well, with the whole island moving thing being the "What the?!!" moment that will drive the next season. I think the episode was stretched out a bit too long, especially after the island vanished.

1. Episode 5 – The Constant

Island: Sayid and Desmond got back with Lapidus to the freighter, but Desmond is going crazy

Flashback: Desmond in 1996

Many people will tell you that this is the best episode of Lost ever, and there are many elements that make it a prime candidate for that title. The flashbacks/current time are threaded together perfectly, with Desmond being "unstuck" in time. You have the Minkowski guy as sort of a narrator for what is happening to Desmond. You have a young Daniel Faraday, giving some good back story on him, but again leaving you wanting more. You have some cool stuff about time travel and time travel rules. And all this chaos is going on during the first appearance of the freighter, which is pretty dang weird itself. The best part is definitely the Desmond/Penny love story.

I love to say Lost has not exactly excelled when dealing with love and romance. Cases in point:

Season One – Whatever the Case May Be - Jack asking Kate about the toy plane, Kate: "It belonged to the man I loved. It belonged to the man I killed."

Season Two – Shannon asks Sayid why he always has a gun, Sayid: "I only carry it because I have someone to protect"

Season Three – Sawyer to Kate "You taste like strawberries"

But this time the romance is done very well. You got the 1996 meeting compared to the 2004 phone call, and the love saves Desmond. Sounds cheesy, but Penny is his Constant. It took the best parts of Flashes Before Your Eyes, Catch-22, and any other Penny/Des flashback. Brilliant.

Best Lost Season 4 Moments

Penny/Desmond phone call in The Constant , obviously

I have a soft spot in my heart for catfights (There's a chance they might….kiss) so I have to mention the Charlotte/Juliet catfight in The Other Woman

Locke, Hurley, and Sawyer playing Risk in The Shape of Things to Come when at first you think it is something serious

Sun at Jin's grave in Ji Yeon probably Sun's best scene

Jack's delivery of "You're not even related to him!" in Something Nice Back Home, I wish I had a clip for that, check that, I wish I had a phone ringer with that. Sick.

Hurley's speech about Charlie and why he's going with Locke in the season premier The Beginning of the End and then his apologizing to Jack for going with Locke

Penny and Desmond reuniting again in the season finale There's No Place Like Home, but I actually think Sayid's reuniting with Nadia was much better.

Jack: We have to lie

And what may be my favorite scene of the season, because it stands out as peaceful and calm amid all the chaos and anger and sadness, this scene from Ji Yeon with Bernard and Jin fishing. Check it out.

That's all I got for Season 4, no stock market and I'm not sure if I'll have a Season 5 review because I don't have that season on DVD.

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