Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Fantastic Four Covers

I'll give you a break from Lost and a break from lots of reading to present to you the Best Fantastic Four Covers.
Below you will find the best Fantastic Four covers. There are a lot below, but considering there are over 550 issues, I think this was a good amount. Criteria to make the list were coolness,
what? or wow! factor, originality, and just anything that makes it stand out over the others.
I would like you to vote for your three favorites and then I'll create a poll from your favorites to
find the best ever Fantastic Four Cover.

Fantastic Four #7 - Great inclusion of the Wanted poster here, cool how that is the readers only view of the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four # 8 - It's clear that Jack Kirby is still figuring out the best ways to illustrate these characters, but the concepts and placements are awesome.

Fantastic Four #16 - Great Dr. Doom/FF in peril cover. I also like the magnifying glass showing us Ant-Man

Fantastic Four #61 - This may not be as epic as many FF covers, but the Sandman holding everyone is pretty dang cool.

Fantastic Four #92 - Great mingling of text, sensationalism , and art. You can feel the Thing's sadness in the poster pic and his anger in tearing it off.

Fantastic Four #112 - Thing vs Hulk on all black, -nuff said indeed

Fantastic Four #120 - This cover recalls old horror movies and old comics for that matter with its caption, but the art is a great introduction to the new herald of Galactus

Fantastic Four #191 - I really enjoy media and posters references in comic covers (see 7 and 92). This is a great example

Fantastic Four #213 - Part of a wild story arc where Ben, Sue, and Reed were hit with a Skrull aging ray at the same time fighting off The Sphinx, Galactus, and his new herald Terrax.

Fantastic Four #232 - This is the first issue of John Byrne's epic FF run (232-293) and the first of many of his covers you'll see on this countdown. Playing of the oft used idea of the FF being pawns.

Fantastic Four #249 - The caption says it all. The FF are getting dominated like never really seen before.

Fantastic Four #257 - Awesome Galactus/Death Cover here, works really well with Galactus pondering his fate and place in the galaxy in this issue.

Fantastic Four #258 - Nice "breaking the 4th wall" here by Dr. and his reflection in his glove is awesome too. (interesting mirror of 92) The Fantastic Four actually not appear in this issue at all.

Fantastic Four #262 - Nice cover with Reed on trial and a myriad of Fantastic Four friends and foes in the background.

Fantastic Four #276 - I really like the black and white cover here. The villain here is unknown, but you can see the effects she has on Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl. The best part are the eyes of the witch.

Fantastic Four #280 - Any cover with crucifixion will naturally be pretty cool. (see Uncanny X-Men 251) This is the beginning of a great story arc where we finally see the Invisible Girl change into the Invisible Woman.

Fantastic Four #395 - Pretty simple cover here, the back story is that in issue 374, Wolverine cut the Thing pretty badly with his claws.
Fantastic Four vol 3 # 26 - This is definitely a cover that will make you stop and pick it up to see what is really going on. Dr. Doom in an FF uniform with Sue looking on longingly? What?

Fantastic Four vol 3 #44 - The whole faces in the background is a comic cover convention used often, so I am more of a fan of the depiction of captured Annihilus. Great use of color, something that couldn't have been done just a few years earlier.

Fantastic Four vol 3 #67 - Bomb-ass Dr. Doom cover.

Fantastic Four #500 - Great painted cover here for the anniversary issue. Doesn't Sue like extremely like Michelle Williams from Dawson's Creek and Brokeback Mountain?
Fantastic Four #520 - Nice cover here with Johnny Storm as a herald of Galactus

There you go. Vote for your top 3!


Anonymous said...

92, 112, 257

Tony Brown said...

I'll have to go with #213 - love the old Mr. Fantastic, # 258 - Dr. Doom, and #280- HATE

Thorzul said...


Although I think you left out the best one of all time, #51 -- "This Man... This Monster."