Monday, January 11, 2010

Sports Thoughts

Not sure how to start this post.

Of course I am talking about the Packers game yesterday. It was a pretty amazing game. We just ended up on the wrong side of it. We'll have to add this one to the Wisconsin Sports Despair post. It could've been perfect. It was a weird game. Did the Packers blitz once? What happened to the defense? Rodgers hasn't forced a pass like that all season, yet he does on the first play. Some great emotional highs at the end - Rackers missing the kick, winning the coin toss, but then it was all over. So much went wrong but we still had a chance to win. 1st Play of overtime, man. That was it. Should've won it.
Also, apparently Fitzgerald can just knock Woodson down as much as he wants and Cardinals can hit Rodgers helmet first in the head (second play of overtime) and grab his facemask (last play of overtime). But, like I said, we still had a chance, and that's all you can ask for.
A Sad night in Green Bay. But next year we will win the Super Bowl. I am confident in that. Young team, starting to hit stride. I can't even think of a need that must be addressed in the off season - I guess offensive line and special teams.
Only reason left to watch the playoffs? To see Favre lose.
I guess I will root for the Saints and Chargers.

Great Badgers Basketball game Saturday beating the undefeated Purdue. Wisconsin pretty much handled Purdue in the second half. Jordan Taylor was the man again. Jason Bohannon actually stepped up. He made 3 pointers and a few drives! We won even when Leuer was off his game. And Nankivil barely played for the second straight game. Ryan Evans must've been feeling confident after getting a shout-out from Big Dunc, as he contributed well all game.
This team is really a contender for the Big 10. They have a great inside and outside game. I thought that lack of frontcourt depth could really hurt them, but winning with Leuer having such a poor game was great to see. The key as I said, is Jordan Taylor's ability to play the point and let Hughes be the off guard.
This game not only icreased my hope for this season, but the future as well. The young kids played well, and can a Bo Ryan team really ever be bad?

I also realized a change in my sporting preferences, or moreso my dedication to teams. Badger basketball has really been moving up the list. Speaking of lists, here's the list, in order, or teams I an most interested in, or teams I most root for.

1. Everton - English football. I guess waking up early almost every Saturday or Sunday proves my dedication. Everton's winning or losing can actually effect my mood. They haven't won a trophy since I've been a fan, but something about my personality makes me like them even more because of that.
2. Badger Basketball - My love for Badger basketball has increased pretty steadily since I left campus. Something about Bo Ryan basketball is great too watch. I've found myself changing around my schedule so I can watch games. And I watch the entire game, no channel flipping. It is great!
3. Packers - I am a huge Packers fan, but games are long. I've found myself missing a few and often flip through channels during games to watch movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and The Sum of All Fears. My dedication is not where it used to be.
4. Brewers - I am definitely not a fair weather Brewer fan. If I do not see the game or listen to it, I definitely look for the score. I still root for the Brewers no matter how far out of the playoff chase they are. There are 162 games, so it's good to always know that the Brewers will be playing, but it's a bad thing because if you miss one game, it doesn't really matter
5. Badgers Football - I probably only saw about half the games this year. College football is too long. Games take over 3.5 hours. And we always play at 11:00am. I might be classified as a fair weather Badger football fan because I am excited about next year.
6. Southampton - Southampton is the city I studied in while in England. I saw many games and have a personal tie to the team. The have moved down two divisions since I left, so there is no conflict with Everton.
7. Bucks - I like the Bucks and root for them, but really don't care much. Sometimes I don't even know that they played. I would rather watch Man vs. Food than a close 4th quarter of a Bucks game.

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