Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness Thoughts

Wow, I am doing horrible in my pools. In fact I am in last place in 3 of 4. Damn, that is bad. So, don't really listen to anything I say.

Some people have been hating on this tournament because of its lack of upsets and buzzer beaters, but I think it has been pretty entertaining. Just look at Friday night and Saturday night. All the big teams save UCONN have been challenged. LSU made UNC look beatable same with Louisville against Siena and Pittsburgh twice. I think the case in a lot of instances was just the better team winning.

Also noticed that in almost all the close games, the team I was rooting for lost, but I guess that makes sense when you root for the underdog.
Friday was good as I was rooting for Wisconsin, Oklahoma St., Marquetee, and Siena, but Saturday blew - Duke, UNC, Purdue, and Gonzaga all winning close games. Man, then Sunday was more of the same.

I am glad I am a Wisconsin fan and not a Marquette fan. I am not a Marquette hater, but it's kinda funny. They waited 4 years for this? This was supposed to be their year, with the three senior guards, while it was a down year for UW. I was much more pleased this year with the Badgers as there was no expectations like in years past. I knew they were still gonna be good last year, winning the regular season and tournament and making it to the Sweet Sixteen, and I knew they would be OK this year, but sorry Badger fans, I think their NCAA tournament run ends next year. Is Travon Hughes really going to lead them? Jason Bohannan? Tim Jarmuz? I still, though consider Wisconsin a top 20 program. Maybe that is the homer in me, but 2nd Round, Sweet 16, 2nd Round, 1st Round, Elite 8, 2nd Round, Sweet 16 - that is a pretty good 7 year run.

As for teams still in the tournament, I hope it is not again all #1 seeds. That would be boring. I think the #2 seeds are vulnerable, so possible a 3 seed could sneak in the Final Four. Hopefully by the end of the day, I will no longer be last in my pools.

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